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Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coastline is truly unique! Where else can you watch a space launch while surfing or swimming? Where would you spot precious marine and bird species in their natural habitat and play a round of golf? Cocoa Beach is a six-mile-long beach fantasy with every possible recreation, shopping, dining, or shopping adventure. It is approximately one mile wide and is bordered by the Indian River Lagoon to the west. Located on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River Lagoon on Florida’s Central East Coast, Cocoa Beach has lured many a visitor to stay permanently.

The near twelve thousand population swells to three times that number in the season. There is something here for everybody, be it exploring some of the world’s most diverse natural settings on a kayak, skateboarding, swimming, watching dolphins at play, or an occasional whale in migration. The Cocoa Beach Pier is a Historic Landmark on the Florida Space Coast that offers top-notch fishing, exciting shopping, fine dining, and live entertainment. The location of Cocoa Beach at the junction of sub-tropic and temperate climate zones makes it a haven for wildlife of both climatic zones as well as coastal and migratory species. Obviously, it is not just humans who wish to retire to a peaceful casual life here!

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The first real settlement in Cocoa Beach was started by a family of newly freed slaves following the Civil War. In 1888, a group bought the entire tract of land along the coast though it was only developed when Gus Edwards bought Cocoa Beach. The City of Cocoa Beach was established in 1925 and was incorporated in 1957. The name was chosen by voting, the other choice being Cape Canaveral Seashore. It has grown from the sleepy laid back beach town where astronauts relaxed to a city with excellent schools, responsible businesses, caring residents, well run Cape Canaveral Hospital, and well-maintained parks. There are many places of worship representing most major denominations.

The beach lifestyle – relaxed, laid back though always full of life is supported by excellent facilities like a twenty-seven holes golf course, Olympic-sized city pool, and tennis complex at the Cocoa Beach Country Club which is open to the public. A City-owned auditorium and restaurant can be rented for special occasions. The annual Space Coast Art Festival over the Thanksgiving weekend draws artists from all over the country. From prime ribs to the freshest of seafood, Cocoa Beach offers all types of cuisine. You can choose to dine by the riverside or ocean side, by sunlight or candlelight, in the open or indoors – you cannot go wrong.

There are rooms available to suit every lifestyle and budget. You can choose from luxurious beachfront resorts or chain hotels, or family-run accommodation or a Bed & Breakfast. From hotels and condominiums to campgrounds and resorts Cocoa Beach has them all. If you love water, Cocoa Beach is the place for you.

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