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Hibbard Casselberry on a visit from Chicago in the 1920s bought some ‘pretty land’ as an investment and built a greenhouse there to grow ferns. Perhaps he never imagined this whim would be the origin of the lovely city of Casselberry. By 1930, the area was known as Fern Park and there was a railroad nearby to bring in supplies. He soon bought more land on the new Highway and built a housing development nearby. In 1940, Casselberry was incorporated as a tax-free town and had a population of 100. Hibbard became the first mayor. During the Second World War, the town produced parachutes and tent liners. Twenty-five years later in 1965, it was re-incorporated as a city and became the second-largest city in Seminole County. Today it has a population of 28,000.

Casselberry has grown from a rural agricultural town into a bustling city with quiet residential areas and dynamic business and expanding commercial areas. It is an exciting and thriving community to live in, work, and relax. Just seven miles away from downtown Orlando, it is the southernmost part of Seminole County in Central Florida. There are several excellent schools including the Casselberry Elementary and South Seminole School. The Geneva School and Kenworthy School are private educational facilities in the city.

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Casselberry now encompasses about 7.5 square miles. Residents are fortunate to enjoy the wide-open spaces of parks within the city. There are at least two dozen lakes that add to the scenic beauty of the area and also are a source of recreation. The largest amongst these are Lake Howell and Lake Kathryn. The Triplet Chain of the Lakes, the North, South, and Middle Triplet Chain lakes are the other major water bodies in the city. The Central Branch of the Seminole Public Library as well as various Seminole County business offices are located in Casselberry.

Casselberry is a food lover’s delight with cuisines ranging from American, Mexican, and Chinese to Greek, Italian and German restaurants. The neighborhood favorites include Rolando’s Cuban Restaurant and the Colorado Fondue Company. Shoppers can have a field day at the various specialty and general stores. The locals believe that if you can’t find it in Casselberry you probably don’t need it. There are major chain stores and small grocery stores like Publix and Winn Dixie. The Wal-Mart Super-center delivers anything you may require for your home.

Senior citizens, families, and single people have made Casselberry their home and there are beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods with lovely houses ranging from single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartments, and duplex houses. There are many waterfront properties as Casselberry is dotted with many lakes. The City Hall and Art House showcase the local talent and the works of international artists. The local Parks and Recreation department organizes programs for young and old in a variety of fields including aquatics, athletics, yoga, dancing, and martial arts all through the year.

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