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Bonita Springs is popularly referred to as the Gateway to the Gulf. Located between Fort Myers and Naples, Bonita Springs has become a popular place for relocation over the past several years. Pristine beaches and the Gulf of Mexico are very inviting and the city spreads over thirty five miles towards scented orange groves and rich farm lands. The charming neighborhoods nestle under majestic oaks and swaying palms fringe the coast.

Tidy, well maintained neighborhoods and residential communities dot the unpolluted and eco-friendly landscape. Despite being a major tourist center, Bonita Springs maintains its rich heritage of traditional family values. Tourist attractions like casinos and excellent boutiques have provided opportunity for growth and employment. This once small farming and fishing town has something for people for all ages to enjoy and cherish. It has now grown into a holiday town that every age and interest can enjoy without losing any of the charm that attracted the early settlers. Nearly 56 thousand people live here now.

Sun and sand are the star attractions year round of this beautiful seaside town. There is no better place for rest and relaxation than Bonita Springs with opportunities for sun tanning, swimming, fishing, boating and seeking shells. The coastline along the Gulf of Mexico is studded with islands and there are numerous lakes, forests with gnarled old trees and wild orchids and warbling streams, typical of freshwater wetlands. Nature lovers can never tire of the diversity of the surroundings.

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There is plenty to see and do beyond the beach. Golf is a year round sport with dozens of beautiful fairways and championship courses in the neighborhood. World class performing arts centers with professional orchestras host a variety of entertainment, from celebrities and jazz to Broadway and ballet. The Art league of Bonita Springs can assure one of an evening of rich value and entertainment.

A rich array of attractions and activities in Bonita Springs has something for everyone, young and old. Make the most of the museums and art galleries. For the sports lovers the sea beckons and one can go out by to sea by making use of the boat rentals, boat tours and charters. The adventurous can enjoy parasailing. The lush parks, pristine preserves and nature centers are perfect for horse trail rides.

Shopping in Bonita Springs can be an exhilarating experience. There are flea markets, unique boutiques, intimate sidewalk shops dealing with furniture, gifts and jewelry, upscale plazas, regional malls and outlet centers. There is most definitely something here for everybody, buyers and browsers alike.

Walk along the marina and soak in the atmosphere. There are numerous seafood restaurants serving excellent clam bakes and grilled fish. There are restaurants and cafes offering every variety of cuisine from Italian to Chinese to Mexican. Revel in the ambience that suits your mood from ultra-casual near the beach to courtly candlelight repasts. Round off the evening with a flutter at the Palace Games Casino. Visitors can find condos or motels and numerous beach resorts to suit their budget. The Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa and the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites offer convenient accommodation and terrific deals.

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