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Just when you think you have the measure of Bonifay, a new and beautiful side of the city shows it’s colors and envelops you in wonder. Bonifay is able to stand apart even amongst the stiff competition of the many other ideal places that Florida has in it’s catalog. This city is a wonderful place to raise a family, with harmonious balance between apparently opposing influences.

Bonifay is the County Seat of Holmes in Florida, with a population of only nearly three thousand people. Pleasant climate throughout the year, gracious and natural surroundings and a friendly and supportive community makes Bonifay one of the more attractive places in Florida for families and for companies as well.

Abundant bodies of water including a navigable river highlight the countryside around Bonifay. The rich vegetation includes an amazing variety of flowering plants, and there is plenty of deer, turkey, ducks and other game for those who love to hunt.

It is not as though Bonifay is an isolated place in the wilderness: the pristine natural surroundings comes with a bonus of every modern amenity that people who live in urban centers could wish. Bonifay is a contemporary city in the lap of verdant woods and perennial springs.

Bonifay has sports and cultural events throughout the year. Major Christian denominations have their Churches in the city and major bodies such as the Kiwanis compete companionably with local organizations for community participation and support. Healthcare and education meet the best standards of the State. Bonifay has modern schools and opportunities for vocational training in technical fields, as well as junior college.

Vicinity of Bonifay

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The Dogwood Lakes Country Club on the outskirts of Bonifay is a delightful outdoor resource for residents. A championship 18-hole golf course is the highlight, with tennis, swimming and other recreation in abundance and at hand. The surrounding area has plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating and canoeing. There is a forest cover as well for hiking, camping and for enjoyable picnics as well.

The Vortex Springs Diving Resort and the Ponce de Leon Springs State Recreation Area are other major recreational attractions for Bonifay residents. The subterranean water aquifers in these preserves provide both enormous quantities of fresh water and scuba and skin diving opportunities as well.

Though Bonifay and its surroundings are home to some 10 major industries, it joins the rest of Holmes County in a rich array of agricultural activities. Traditional row cropping is supplemented by widespread ranches, poultries, dairies and hog farms. Bonifay is known for some of the best catfish farming as well.

The fertile soil and topography of Bonifay make such professional gardens possible in large homes to such as extent, that the lines between hobbies and enterprise can get blurred. Families have discovered the joys of water-melon cultivation, growing fig and other fruit trees, as well as the cultivation of ornamental plants. Bonifay is famous for blue-berries and guests are always amazed by the quality and variety of home-grown food that graces family tables.

Bonifay is modest in the midst of her regal grace. There is plenty of good-value real estate available and the cost of living is comparatively low. The people are inviting and newcomers from all backgrounds are soon at home in the companionable environment of Bonifay.

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