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Blountstown sets a standard for others to follow in everything with which it is associated. The most routine of tasks are performed with excellence and it has a long roll call of honor and distinction.

It started with the very annexation of Florida in to the glorious part of the United States. Much of the State was in Spanish hands in the early 19th century, and it was left to John Blunt, a Chief of the Seminole Indians, to guide pioneering forces to obtain the State from Colonial hands. The President of the United States met John Blunt in person to honor and to thank him and the reservation gifted to him on the banks of the bounteous and magnificent Apalachicola River became the place that we know as Blountstown today.

Blountstown has the privilege of being Calhoun’s County Seat, but its greatest asset is the incredible natural treasures that abound within and around its borders. The city amenities of Blountstown come with loads of natural treasure. It is part of a pristine ecosystem that has been conserved with professional care. The Apalachicola River spawns a rich ecosystem that in turn supports a wealth of biodiversity. Much of Blountstown’s value derives from the explosive growth of flora and fauna to rival the richest forests anywhere. Families who live in this locality have unbounded access to trails and spots that are very interesting! More than 100 rare plants and animals thrive around Blountstown and one can study almost all the habitats that Florida has to offer. One hardly needs mention the rich pickings of the Apalachicola River for fishing enthusiasts. Deer and turkey hunting are also close at hand.

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Fuller Warren, once Florida’s Governor started life as a resident of Blountstown. The Blue Star Family and Friends of Blountstown is a volunteer group that connects with men and women of the country’s Armed Forces. It distributes service flags and banners to families with members in the US Military. The Southside Assembly of God has Ministries for people of all ages and a full Agenda of Services and activities. The homebound, those who are terminally ill and the infirm in hospitals can all benefit of the Church’s benevolent Outreach Services.

The Blountstown Elementary School has over 600 students and covers the Pre-kindergarten level and Grades 1 to 5. About a third is Afro American, Hispanic and Asian. The city’s Middle School is on Mayhaw Avenue. It is tantalizingly close to the great Apalachicola River and serves Grades 6 to 8 in scenic surroundings. The school has about 300 students. The city preserves its material heritage with as much care as it nurses the young. Though it has a new Court House, the original one is still well preserved as a historic landmark.

Business is conducted with the same class of excellence as everything else about this town. United County is a service in Blountstown that covers the entire County for both residential and commercial needs. It has been in business since the 1920s. Its original brochure is housed in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington and is considered a national treasure. The publication continues to be in circulation to this day. This firm of realtors now covers the entire nation.

Strawn Consulting Services, a firm in the Elevator safety business, is based in Blountstown but known throughout the US for its sterling service, eminent professionalism and utter reliability. The company has extensive experience and specialized knowledge of all aspects of elevator planning, construction, certification and maintenance.

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