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Belleair Beach is just about two square miles in area, lying between Clearwater, Sand Key Park and Indian Rocks Beach. It has around than one thousand five-hundred residents. The median household income is over $ 60 thousand and home values are typically around a quarter of a million and more. This stretch of Paradise is brilliant and imaginative in its approach to town and neighborhood management. Rare skill and abiding commitment have gone in to its development. This is exclusive territory and makes no pretense to cater to anyone except the discerning and well-heeled.

Tampa Bay is reasonably close at hand, so Belleair Beach is able to concentrate on simply being a great place to live, without any of the encumbrances of metro convenience. Residents enjoy the sand and the ocean and can nip in and out of a large city environment at will. Belleair Beach is all about quality of life with Parks, beach access and parking reserved for residents. The Municipal Marina is an especially enchanting stretch and Belleair Beach has a boat ramp as well. Tennis is a popular sport in town with 2 excellent courts. It is tempting for outsiders to credit the hypnotic attraction of Belleair Beach entirely to nature. This small and delectable town has no more than a fair share of natural wealth. Its genius lies in keeping the long-term purpose firmly in view when taking day-to-day operating decisions. Belleair Beach also enjoys the lowest crime rate in the County.

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The Belleair Beach Club has all the features for a perfect and relaxing holiday. It offers unbroken views of the Gulf of Mexico and is a good spot for fishing, swimming and for water sports. The setting is equally good for those who are more older or more laid back and who prefer to just stroll and take in some memorable sunsets. The Resort has a heated pool and a patio with a sundeck. Guests can enjoy shuffleboard and barbeques. Rooms have fully equipped kitchens and air-conditioning. Condominiums are available at attractive rentals, so some people just choose to spend quality time each year, away from their regular homes, in Belleair Beach .

Waterfront homes in Belleair Beach with boat slips of their own are of great value even at a higher investment. Long-term rentals are around $ 3 thousand a month for homes with the best facilities for the entire family. Demand for homes in Belleair Beach will continue to climb as other resorts on the coast cannot compete with this neighborhood and its carefully planned and protected environment. Zoning is strictly enforced so you should get hold a piece of Belleair Beach as soon as you can afford it!

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