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Two devastating fires that rung in the 20th century would have driven away most people, but the founders of Auburndale were determined to reconstruct the city. They rebuilt the town more than once and stuck it out. The neighboring countryside helped because the citrus orchards needed inputs and access to markets, and Auburndale was able to generate value by meeting these needs. The decades after World War II have seen steady development and Auburndale has become a pleasant town for its nearly 16 thousand residents.

An engaging feature of Auburndale is its harmony in balancing education, recreation and business needs. It is a wonderful place to raise a family, makes for a relaxing break for visitors and has the location and infrastructure to support entrepreneurs at all stages of the business cycle. Careful planning and unwavering implementation have ensured judicious zoning, providing for all common needs without intruding on the private space. The town has the potential to hold special attraction for people of all ages and interests.

The intimacy of a small town is one of Auburndale’s endearing characteristics. You can stroll on the downtown areas impeccably paved streets without getting in anyone’s way. Shopkeepers make you feel instantly welcome on first entry and delight repeat visitors by recognizing them with genuine pleasure and warmth. Memories of the town are always sublime and impressions remain positive. Visitors delight at the prospect of another visit and residents never tire of their surroundings.

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Sports and outdoor recreation facilities abound in Auburndale. Parks are designed for equal facility in terms of vigorous court games and leisurely strolls. You can enjoy landscapes of carefully tended flowering plants, thick bushes and trees with generous shade. Placid water bodies add to the atmosphere and their changing hues are always worth an extended gaze. You can switch from the modern and hi-tech interiors of a home or office to the primordial beauty of a seemingly untouched piece of nature almost instantly. The town’s planners have been both ingenious and considerate in sprinkling the built-up areas of Auburndale with a generous amount of open spaces.

Though Auburndale has exquisite beauty of its own, the proximity of some internationally known attractions of Disney World presents an undeniable bonus. Cypress Gardens is closest to the town and its green and natural surroundings add to the pleasure of Auburndale’s own gardens. Residents can enjoy frequent rides, shows, evenings and shopping expeditions at the various Parks that form the entire Disney World complex at Orlando. Congenial weather makes quick breaks and great vacations possible all year round. Some of the domestic and international traffic that come every year to Disney spills over to Auburndale and contributes useful custom and revenue to the town’s merchants and service providers.

Auburndale is in the thick of the citrus country and the delicious and brightly colored fruit is the basis of a number of local industries that generate jobs. Juices, packaging material and agricultural inputs for farms are some major lines in the area. A new industrial estate provides comprehensive infrastructure and tempting incentives. The future for the gentle town of Auburndale is bright with prospects of large corporations and dynamic entrepreneurs moving in to the Polk County Parkway.

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