Atlantis, Florida

Atlantis, Florida

Atlantis is not large by any means. No more than a square mile in area, it is home to just two thousand people and sits north of Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, near Lake Worth.  However it is an exceptional place and one that is particularly well suited to people in the later years of their lives.

Blessed with the best of temperate weather, more than 40% of the town’s area is reserved for recreation. This does not mean that the advantages of the bright city lights are sacrificed, for Fort Lauderdale is not much more than a stone’s throw away. The Palm Beach airport is less than 10 miles from Atlantis. The atmosphere in the town is peaceful and relaxed and it is as suitable for a quick break as it is for quality residence.

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About the Community

The Atlantis Country Club is expansively laid out and supports the most laid back of lifestyles. A championship golf course comes with membership and is highly coveted. The course has something to excite first-timers and also has challenge for accomplished golfers with impressive handicaps. The complex can vie with an accomplished botanical reserve for its wonderful collection of shady trees. Verdant views are amongst the best memories that many people have of the Club and the golf course. The Country Club and the golf are known far beyond the borders of Florida and people from other countries join golf enthusiasts from all over the United States in grabbing at every opportunity to be invited for a game here.

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The ocean is close at hand and there are many of the best Florida beaches within easy reach of Atlantis. There are a number of vacation spots and places of interest in the area as well. Atlantis residents can look forward to some great day trips and short breaks in the bosom of nature. Atlantis truly offers a great combination of the best of rustic scenery and metro conveniences. Its convenient and central location weighs heavily in favor of its selection for people looking for a place where they can settle down and those on a quick tour of Florida as well.

Vicinity of Atlantis

Additional Details

The JFK Medical Center has over 400 beds and is a major facility in the County. It has made a name for superior service and for deploying the best technology in service of its patients. The institution adds immense value to the quality of life enjoyed by Atlantis residents and is a significant advantage for those who decide to reside in the vicinity. The Medvance Institute offers training in Allied Medicine and the Para-medical field. It has over 400 students on its rolls. Atlantis has a special place in the world of medicine for care givers, professionals and those in need of treatment.

Atlantis is a town of charming homes with splendid views and set in quiet surroundings. Values start from around $500 thousand. Home owners and investors in Atlantis realty can look forward to remunerative rentals during vacation periods each year. There is considerable scope to develop properties in to holiday homes and for assisted living options for senior citizens.

Shoppes of Atlantis, located at 5805 South Congress Avenue in the Atlantis neighborhood, of Lake Worth, 33462

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