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No matter how far the name of Atlantic Beach spreads, the city is able to consistently exceed visitor expectations. The splendor of its natural resources combines seamlessly with professional town management to create an unmatched experience. Though a carefree spirit pervades the senses on arrival in Atlantic Beach , the discerning and widely traveled are aware that only clear vision and methodical planning can produce the magical effect that the city has on people.

Atlantic Beach is on the North East fringe of Florida, by the Ocean as its name suggest. The magnificent and deep woods of Hanna Park lie to the North, while rare marshes along inland waterways form the city’s Eastern border. It is not just a figure of speech to state that Atlantic Beach lies in the ample bosom of nature. This rare gem of the eastern seaboard of the United States is favored with abundant sunshine and vacation weather throughout the year. People can visit during any month in the calendar and look forward to having a good time.

Vicinity of Atlantic Beach

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City folk confined to concrete interiors in cycles of commuting can never get enough of the open air and vast spaces of Atlantic Beach . The city is always full of visitors, yet even the smallest child feels safe and liberated in the laid back ambience of the city’s parks and the beach. The latter is 2 miles in length and kept in pristine condition. The magic of sea turtles making the miraculous journey to the sites of their birth each summer, lends a touch of fantasy. No one can escape the attraction of this sight and those who have witnessed it want to return. Atlantic Beach has 65 acres of Parks, and they are thoughtfully divided in to the active for sports and the passive for pleasure. It is typical of the city’s people to think of and cater to everyone.

The Town Center is in top form after dark, with shopping, dining and nightlife to satiate the senses. The daytime spell cast by Atlantic Beach open spaces continues after the sun has set. Jacksonville is but a stone’s throw away, so every metro convenience that one could wish is easily accessible from the small village and resort atmosphere of Atlantic Beach . The resort-like atmosphere of Atlantic beach rubs off on to its residents. The mood is casual and there are heavy doses of pleasant social interaction. It is easy and natural to make friends here and bad moods quickly melt away even if brought along. Atlantic City excels in the Performing Arts and the place has a permanent carnival-like feel about it.

Atlantic beach was a quiet place until the Rail Road came along. A large hotel followed soon as did auto races on the beach. Word spread like fire and plots for vacation homes were snapped up as soon as they were marked. Atlantic beach was incorporated in 1926. Atlantic beach has never fought shy of investing in basic infrastructure, especially in terms of water, sewage and roads. This has paid handsome returns through superior public facilities. It is a template worthy of study by city planners everywhere. Atlantic beach is now fully developed with very little land available for further zoning. Most remaining vacant lands can only now be used for recreation.

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