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About the Community

Archer is a gentle place with a peaceful environment. An organization called the Children’s Stable collects and distributes food to poor families. It is certainly most representative of the town’s character and should rank as the most important movement in town. The Landmark Independent Baptist Church offers Sunday morning worship and exemplary spiritual support to its flock. Archer has United Methodist, Presbyterian and 6 other Churches though less than 2 thousand people are resident here.

Vicinity of Archer

Additional Details

Archer was built by the Florida Rail Road in the middle of the 19th century on land which sited the town of Deer Hammock. It is known for having stashed the Confederate Treasury after the Civil War.

The Monterey Boat Manufacturing Company is one of the largest industries in Archer. The Gator Trading Company has an enormous inventory of antiques and collectibles. You can find something on their shelves or the website for all occasions and settings from the far corners of the world. A. J. B. Enterprises is in a similar line of business but focus on natural cypress wood. Their products are available with collectible stores nation-wide, apart from at their own Archer outlet. The Archer Animal Hospital has emergency and critical care services and looks after wildlife as well in conjunction with the University facilities. It has assiduously built a practice and a name through loving care and veterinary expertise.

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