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The Community Development Department is a central body for Apopka’s future and development. It coordinates review and approval of all new projects for use of land and investment in infrastructure. Zoning principles are used to determine land use. It sets architectural and aesthetic standards. This results in a harmonious growth within Apopka. It is one of the fastest growing residential and commercial towns in all of Central Florida. A tour of the town and a study of Apopka’s working instill confidence that the lessons of the Lake have been learned well. The town is organized for emergencies as well since Apopka is in the traditional path of hurricanes. A seasonal preparation for stormy interludes is a part of Apopka life.

Apopka has a strong current of religion and spiritual support in its approach towards a better community. The First Presbyterian Church has a 75-year record of service for the community. Deacons are on call to help the sick and those in distress. There are a total of about 15 Churches of various denominations in town.

Apopka has some 51 thousand residents and is spread over about 30 square miles. The early 1900s saw the town emerge as a supplier of ferns and tropical plants, mostly for interior decoration. This business continues to be important to this day. Apopka has a thriving business sector in the field of nurseries. The town has a number of reputed wholesalers and retailers. There are stores for specialized applications such as Hydro culture and Plant Tissue Culture.

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The town has comprehensive facilities for its residents. The Seminole Community College on Hunt Club Boulevard is the forum for secondary and advanced education in Apopka. It takes off from the diligence and organization of the sound Schooling system of the town.

Health and Fitness also have due importance in Apopka. The Rock Springs Ridge has a golf course. Personal trainers offers fitness expertise and there are quite a few establishments for women. The Florida Hospital is on North Park Avenue in Apopka and a major medical facility in the area.

The Apopka Historical Society has artifacts such as the city’s original charter and period costumes. There are many documents and images that help in research projects. Many objects used by Seminole Indian communities are also on display. These have been collected from the bed of the Lake Apopka. The Society also has an extensive collection of equipment and aids that were used during the agricultural era of the town.

Italian and traditional American fare dominates the dining scene. There is adequate choice for a reasonable meal or for a quick snack. The Howard Johnson Express Inn is a common choice for Apopka visitors to stay. The convenient location puts the town, the Orlando Airport and nearby attractions within easy reaches. It offers good value with well appointed and serviced rooms at affordable rates.

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