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Altamonte Springs is one of the best residential areas in the Metropolitan area of Orlando. Its excellent location attracts a significant amount of qualified professionals from various fields of work as residents. Many reputable companies have also chosen it as a good destination to place their offices. The town has choice homes amidst green surroundings and there is plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment that add up to a very desirable quality of life. According to recent statistics, numbers of Altamonte Springs residents have doubled to around 41,000 in recent years.

The founders of the town and their successors seem to have had this as one of their main priorities in mind, for Altamonte Springs is known for being rich in learning resources and job opportunities as it is in natural attractions and national history. The town has no fewer than five Elementary, two Middle and three High Schools. The Everglades University is based in Altamonte Springs, while the Seminole State Community College, also a prominent university, is located just north in Sanford. The town’s Library has everything that a person needs and more. The Mobile Information Center, or MIC as it is called in local parlance, as well as a system of exchanging resources with other libraries, are two innovations that residents find as noteworthy and useful when needing to obtain the information that they need. Altamonte Springs residents do not rest on their laurels, but rather work hard at self-development, from childhood right up to their adulthood. This is a town that values education above material assets overall. A nearby Pediatric Hospital accompanies a General Medicine and a Surgery Center for adequate healthcare facilities for residents. The Florida Hospital treats almost 100 thousand patients a year and is the largest hospital in the County.

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Maison and Jardin leads a good amount of excellent dining options in town, with cuisine that come from all over the world. The proximity to Orlando does not prevent the town from bringing in residents, visitors and outsiders as well, all opting in for great meals in Altamonte Springs. Bars, Pubs and Clubs keep thirst at bay and offer great aids for a good time and keep the afterhours as engaging as the town life is by day.

The Cranes Roost Park is a 37-acre jewel in Altamonte Spring’s crown. A stage that floats on a lake with a 900-seat amphitheater is the magical site for memorable concerts and events. Lit paths are a stroller’s delight by night and benches tempt you to linger by day amongst ornamental plants, cool and shady trees and a very refreshing ambience. The smaller Hermit’s Trail is designed with intimate picnics in mind, though there are playgrounds and parks as well for those who are more into sports and activity or for parents who have children. The Lake Lotus Nature Park has great fishing spots and jogging trails, and if there is more that people would like to know as to what activities or events that these parks provide, then the park rangers are glad to provide information on events going on in the area. Water sports are also available at the Lake Oriental Recreational Area. The Sunshine Park and Turnbill Avenue mark the town’s thoughtful development of small parks in various neighborhoods. Altamonte Springs seems to have discovered the secret of providing urban conveniences in surroundings with all the rustic advantages.

The Hilton Orlando is based near the town which is used for meetings and conventions and has all the trappings of luxury and modernity for which the hotel chain is famous for. There is also the Residence Inn which is a part of the Marriott Group with 128 Suites for Orlando and Altamonte Springs visitors. The Holiday Inn is centrally located and features a diverse and friendly staff. The Best Western and other hotels offer more modest but adequate accommodations for a more cheaper option if someone can’t afford a more luxurious setting. Altamonte Springs also has a dynamic realty market and there are many local realtors which families and investors can rely on for advice on current market conditions and outlook.

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