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We Elected a Leader Not a Pope

Should President Trump be judged upon his personality and his personal peccadillo’s, or should he be judged on his performance in the oval office?  Photo: C-SPAN. DELRAY BEACH, FL – Should President Trump be judged upon his personality

“Slouching Toward Gomorrah”

How prophetic was the late Judge Robert H. Bork in 1996, when he wrote the book Slouching Toward Gomorrah. Today, we see what he was talking about; Western culture in a state of decline and that the cause of this decline was modern

He Fights For America

President Trump as he held a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire at the SNHU Arena where he talked about such issues as the U.S.-Mexico border, the economy, China, and gun laws. Photo credit: C-SPAN. DELRAY BEACH, FL – Yes, I'm

Pentagon Must Show Trans Ban Documents

The Defense Department has said the documents are irrelevant and that exposing them would hinder future discussions between low-level officials and their superiors - claims the court rejected. File photo: Pixabay. New York - The

“Like it Never Really Happened”

That's the slogan of the Serv-Pro Company that cleans up disasters to property to make it look like the disaster never really happened. That slogan could actually be applied to the actions of the feckless Democrats who claim that all that