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The Walt Disney Company manages the affairs of Bay Lake, a private township spread over a little more than 20 square miles. The company and its subsidiaries own all the land and the only permanent residents are a handful of company employees.

Epcot is a world famous Disney World attraction in Bay Lake. It has great educational value, especially for children, in an engaging and most absorbing format. Future World and World Showcase are experiences for which tourists return more than once. Every visit makes for an indelible memory. Spectacular decor and illuminating expositions of world cultures are special highlights of this Park. Epcot is an acronym for ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.’ It was originally meant to serve as a model city of the future, excelling in technology and embracing all cultures. It is certainly a demonstrative expression of the American ideal of modern society. The Magic Kingdom Park continues to have a model of the original dream and concept of Epcot.

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Bay Lake has sheer fun apart from education and experiments in futuristic living. The excitement and thrills of the Park environment still continue after dark. The fireworks and laser shows are dramatic and quite unlike what may be seen anywhere else. Reservations for accommodation and tickets for the various Park attractions are best secured well in advance through approved Agents or directly through online means. Bay Lake draws people from all over the United States and from all over the world as well. Many people may land in Bay Lake and spend long hours in queues and in finding a place to stay.

The Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge offers exceptional service and attractive rates for its delightful accommodation and extensive amenities. It is the place for visitors to stay in Bay Lake. The park has the exotic ambience of an African Safari and is an unparalleled experience on the for children and adults alike. Some rooms have views of the most incredible parks in all of Florida with Secret Ibis, Giraffes and hordes of animals that you may have never seen in reality before, wondering all over the park. Rooms are very well appointed, with space for the entire family including cribs for infants. Guests can ask for refrigerators and microwaves. There are 3 Restaurants, a Gift Shop and a Coach Service covering all Walt Disney Parks. A wading pool and a playground can keep children happily occupied for hours on end. There is a Fitness Center and a Sauna for adults to enjoy as well. The Lodge adds to the pleasure of a Bay Lake visit and a Disney holiday.

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano is faithful to the ethnic experience its name suggests, and a meal here is a must have. The settings are part of MGM’s Studios in the area and though the menu is primarily designed to satiate hungry kids, the wine list, pasta, fresh seafood and offerings from the wood brick oven work as well for parents and adults. With that is provided in Bay Lake and Disney, advance reservations are necessary against the inevitable disappointment of a long wait for a table.

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