July 4th – A Day of Jubilation?

While the DOJ and FBI were vigorously pursuing Donald Trump, they were ignoring potentially far more serious crimes. Image credit: Peter Lemiska WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Fourth of July is nearly here, and patriotic Americans across the

Op-Ed: A Heavy Burden for Democrats

mericans across the board believe the country is on the wrong track, and less than 40 percent of Democrats want Biden to seek another term. Image credit: Peter Lemiska WASHINGTON D.C. – It seemed like a good idea at the time. Not

Op-Ed: An Epidemic of Gender Dysphoria

Scores of Democrats seem confounded by the simple question: “What is a woman?” File photo: Peter Lemiska. WASHINGTON, D.C. – During her confirmation hearing last year, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to

Op-Ed: Biden’s Motley Constituency

Joe Biden won’t be on the ballot in November, but his policies will be and if Democrats somehow manage to retain control of both houses of Congress, his agenda will press forward unchallenged, and his motley constituency will take the

Op-Ed: White Guilt – As Good as Gold

Race-baiters, those who fuel racial tensions for selfish reasons, especially like to use guilt. With help from the news media, they’ve managed to create the illusion of systemic racism in America. Image credit: Peter Lemiska WASHINGTON,

Op-Ed: Portrait of a Blameless President

Joe Biden is not the first president to blame others for his failures. But the audacity he’s shown in deflecting blame is breathtaking. What he and his administration lack in honesty, they make up for in unadulterated moxie.  Photo credit:

Op-Ed: Memories of a Woke Warrior

WASHINGTON, D.C. - More than 50 years after the triumphant civil rights movement, many would probably agree that Joe Biden believes America is still hopelessly, systemically racist. He certainly seems to be a stalwart supporter of