Op-Ed: Hell Hath No Fury…

As everyone now knows, there has been a massive eruption of nationwide protests as tens, no hundreds, no thousands of mostly Muslim women (and a few of their husbands) have descended on School Board meetings across the country to protest

Op-Ed: Yoo Hoo, Patrisse

Co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors as she arrived for the 2nd Annual Freeform Summit on March 27, 2019 in Hollywood, CA. Photo credit: DFree, Shutterstock.com, licensed. WASHINGTON, D.C. – “If we don’t step up to end

Op-Ed: The Pathology of Liberalism

NEW YORK, NY – From the inception of psychology about 140 years ago, medical conditions such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissism, Tourette’s syndrome, even stuttering, were

Op-Ed: More About Joe and the Jews

U.S. President Joe Biden, then Vice President, gestured after disembarking from a plane upon landing at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel March 8, 2016. Photo credit: REUTERS/BAZ RATNER. NEW YORK, NY –

Op-Ed: What Is Wrong With Jill Biden?

Artwork credits for https://legalinsurrection.com by https://www.creators.com/features/a.f.-branco NEW YORK, NY – If this title rings a bell, it’s because it’s so similar to the title of an article I wrote a year ago this month,

Op-Ed: Dems Now In Full Panic Mode

Rejecting nearly 250 years of the peaceful transition of presidential power, Democrats launched a four-year war against President Trump, manufacturing a Russian-collusion hoax, a Ukraine hoax, a Stormy Daniels hoax, an impeachment hoax, on

Emperor’s New Clothes, Anyone?

Protesters gather and demonstrate in Atlanta, GA, near the CNN Center, following the death of George Floyd. While expressing hatred with the term MAGA, known as 'Make American Great Again,' this protester suggests Black Likes Matter equals

The Democrats’ Mental Problem

Even after the convention, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had nothing to say about the escalating violence until just the other day when his poll numbers plunged precipitously. Photo credit: Michael F. Hiatt / Shutterstock.com,

Democrats Offer a Rancid Smorgasbord

Protester kneels after George Floyd death while Black Lives Matter group stands against police, San Jose, California, May 31, 2020. In the entire DNC event, not one word was mentioned of the months-long violence taking place in

Kalamity Kamala, A Calamity for America

Then presidential candidate Kamala Harris speaking at the Democratic National Convention summer session in San Francisco, California. San Francisco, CA - August 23, 2019. Editorial credit: Sheila Fitzgerald / Shutterstock.com, licensed.