Op-Ed: Get Woke, Go Broke

The public seems to be telling “woke” companies that their indoctrination days are over and that free speech should not be censored and that the free and open exchange of ideas should be the rule not the exception. File photo: No-Mad,

Op-Ed: “The Disciples of Deceit”

BLM and their “evil” counter group, ANTIFA, have been causing havoc and mayhem around the country for the past three years, with practically a free hand as the liberal elites jump on the bandwagon of “white supremacy”.  File photo:

Op-Ed: The Return of the “Gringo”

Costa Rica is a nice place to visit, especially the resorts on the Pacific coast, which are run mostly by American, Canadian and Europeans, but on the other hand, it is not, in my opinion, a great place to retire to or to do business in or

Op-Ed: The Moron and the Moronette

A smart duo, upon taking office, should have continued the Trump policies that were working, and not do away, on a wholesale basis, through spite and borderline hatred by Biden/Harris, cancel most of Trump's executive orders. Looking back