Greg Johnson’s Family Shares CTE Diagnosis Report, Shedding Light on Hockey’s Hidden Struggle


The family of Greg Johnson, a former NHL player who passed away in 2019, has courageously shared the results of his CTE diagnosis, sparking a crucial conversation about the long-term effects of head injuries in hockey.

Johnson’s legacy on the ice is well-known, with an impressive career spanning over a decade. However, his struggles off the ice have become a rallying cry for greater awareness and support for players dealing with the devastating consequences of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

The report, released by Johnson’s family, reveals the stark reality of CTE’s impact on his life. The diagnosis sheds light on the complex web of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges he faced, including memory loss, depression, and anxiety.

By sharing their story, the Johnson family aims to create a lasting impact, ensuring that Greg’s legacy extends far beyondfl his hockey achievements. They hope to inspire change, pushing for enhanced player safety protocols, improved support systems, and heightened awareness about the dangers of head injuries in sports.

Greg Johnson’s story serves as a poignant reminder that the consequences of CTE resonate far beyond the rink, affecting families, friends, and entire communities. As the hockey world comes together to support the Johnson family, his legacy will continue to inspire a new generation of athletes, advocates, and fans, sparking a vital conversation about the true cost of playing the game.

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