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24-year-old Bb Trickz is a composer, rapper, and musician. Her parents have had a hectic life centered on their careers and other commitments since she was a little child. She stands out from the crowd and is perceived as a talented artist because of the way she has expressed her emotions via her songs.

Bb Trickz Early Life:

Bb Trickz was born in 2000, making him 24 years old as of 2024. “Belize Kazi” was her birth name. Her mother practices Chinese medicine and is of Canadian heritage. Due to her father’s Spanish origins, Belize Kazi was raised by herself. Her mother would either work at her job or study by herself. Kazi would like to enjoy time with her father, a DJ. Her mother bestowed the moniker Bb Trickz on her.

Bb Trickz Profession:

Barcelona, Spain, is Bb Trickz’s hometown, sometimes called Belize Kazi. Belize Kazi grew up there and has many fond memories. She worked as a kid model for a while before becoming a babysitter and spending the nights on the streets. Spain is similar to a destination where she may enjoy delicious meals and sunshine daily. She’s a drill rapper with a solid cultural background in Spanish. Her first single, Missionsuicida, was released in April of 2023.

She had the opportunity to perform Primavera Sound and frequently took part in events such as the Barcelona festival. She claims that there are a few rappers in Spain and counts herself among those who create catchy lyrics that you can enjoy and help the music gain more momentum globally. Trickster is an EP Bb Trickz posted on her Spotify account under Lo Siento Mamà. She has discussed her relationships with each of her parents in this EP. Through the songs, she talks about her experience. She compares creating music to keeping a journal; this EP has six tracks.

However, she recalled those moments when she most needed her parents when penning her debut EP. April 2023 saw the release of the EP. When Bb Trickz was younger, she believed she would work in the entertainment sector rather than in any ordinary employment. She needed assurance regarding what and whom to trust when she became older and more well-known for her music. Her second EP, Sadtrickz, which was published in November, was a description of all her emotions.

Along with these hits, she has also recorded “Missionsuicida,” “Bambi,” “Vanilla Ice,” “Lil Peep,” and “Deja a tu novia.” She launched her debut EP following the breakthrough of the song “Bambi.” She was thrilled with the tremendous reception her second EP, Sadtrickz, received, and many others were taken aback to learn that she had only been employed in this capacity for a year after rising to fame as a rapper and vocalist.

Bb Trickz Personal Life:

She hasn’t shared anybody else’s name with whom she may share her personal life. She keeps facts about her parents, siblings, and romantic relationships under wraps. Rumors have it, though, that she was formerly or may still be romantically involved with Yung Beef, the well-known American musician who is also Spanish. In 2023, they were romantically associated.

Bb Trickz Net Worth:

Since she was a little child, Bb Trickz has been able to write and perform songs. She has a long history of composing songs and EPs. In 2023, she put out several singles and at least two EPs. She is reaping the benefits of her diligence and zeal. By 2024, Bb Trickz’s net worth is expected to be $1.5 million.

Bb Trickz Social Media Page:

Belize Kazi, also known as Bb Trickz, can be seen on YouTube and Instagram. She is Bb tricks [@Bbtrickz] on YouTube, with 163K followers and seven videos.

She uses the username belizekazi on her verified Instagram account. She has 45 posts, 500 followers, and 738K followers. She lists “most hated” in her Instagram bio because, according to her, she is the most despised musician in Spain.

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