Who is Liam Woodrum? Facts About Geek Girl Performer


The actor Liam Woodrum, a rising star, plays Nick Park, one of the supporting characters on Netflix’s Geek Girl. Based on the best-selling teen novel by Holly Smale, Geek Girl centers on Emily Carey’s character, the socially awkward and geeky Harriet Manners, who gets unexpectedly signed by a prominent modeling agency. 21-year-old rookie Liam Woodrum plays Nick Park, a successful model, and Harriet’s love interest. Woodrum was born in Anaheim.

Who Is Liam Woodrum?

Liam Woodrum is an American celebrity who works as an actor. Geek Girl [season 1] is a new Netflix sitcom that debuted on May 30, 2024. The actor Liam Woodrum plays the supporting character of Nick Park in that series. Initially, Holly Smale’s teen novel series, written under the same name, inspired Geek Girl.

On October 22, 2001, Liam Woodrum was born in Anaheim, Southern California. After completing his studies at Canyon High School, Liam played basketball for the “Canyon Varsity Boys Basketball team.” He is a member of the 2021 batch class.

He then participated in club basketball with the Cali Stars squad. The organization Prep Hoops initially discovered him, whose primary goal is to monitor and coordinate basketball games only for boys’ teams. May 2020 marked his initial affiliation with the organization.

He is a newbie to the entertainment world but an accomplished model with only a few films. He is the one who is in love with Emily Carey’s character, Harriet Manners, in the television series Geek Girl.

Liam Woodrum’s Age:

Actor Liam Woodrum, 21, is from Anaheim, California. He has a sibling named Gavin and resides with his parents, Glenn and Patricia.

Liam is 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) tall and likes to play basketball, skiing, and golf. He frequently posts pictures of himself practicing with friends and family on Instagram. He was a basketball player at Canyon High School, according to DWB Film. He also lists football, soccer, volleyball, and skateboarding as interests on his Backstage Talent Agency page.

Liam Woodrum Career:

Liam Woodrum was in the movie Zion National: A National Park Romance, where he had a significant part before being cast as Nick in Geek Girl. When the movie came out in 2023, he had to work with the local park rangers. Ultimately, he portrayed Tate Proudstar, the film’s undisputed starring character.

In addition to becoming an actor, he has grown to love sports. Liam Woodrum 2019 is a video you can watch on YouTube, in which he plays basketball with some friends. Liam has grown in his ability to play sports and other associated games, such as basketball, surfing, baseball, soccer, martial arts, and swimming.

Despite having only worked on a few entertainment-related projects, Liam has evaluated various programs, movies, events, short films, videos, etc. In addition to the two credits for Zion National: A National Park Romance and Geek Girl, he has a third credit for a music video. He appeared in the Extreme music video “Other Side of the Rainbow” back in 2023.

In addition, he is ready to prepare his other main character for the next movie, 213 Bones, which is a full-blown depiction of the 1990s. Woodrum is portraying Eric. The film will undoubtedly be broadcast on television to those in their 20s and 30s.

Liam Woodrum’s Personal Life:

He has not fully revealed his personal life, parents, or sibling’s details. You can find Liam Woodrum on Instagram by following his username, liamwoodrum. He only has 14 posts, 543 followers, and 71.8K followers. His Instagram feed features the most recent images from his new series, Geek Girl. He uploaded a video of himself playing hoops to Instagram on January 14, 2020, marking his debut post there.

Liam Woodrum’s Net Worth:

Liam Woodrum has recently entered the entertainment business and has only a few credits across various shows. Nonetheless, he has contributed to music videos and a television movie for Netflix (which has not yet been aired). Liam does have very few credits for his efforts on these enjoyable series.

He’s become interested in basketball and other sports as well. It is reasonable to assume that Liam was an athlete once. He may have ties to sponsored products and advertisements, and by 2024, his net worth might be close to $1 million.

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