Man Charged for Allegedly Leaving Three Young Children Alone in Car Overnight in South-East Queensland


SOUTH-EAST QUEENSLAND, Australia – A 27-yr-old man from Paradise Point at the Gold Coast has been charged after allegedly leaving three young youngsters by myself in a vehicle overnight.

Police discovered the children – a 3-yr-old girl and boys aged five and 6 at a provider station in Mount Warren Park, south of Brisbane, around 7 a.m.

Acting Detective Superintendent Mark White reported that the youngsters have been suggested missing after police answered to a disturbance at a Slacks Creek address around 10 p.m. On Sunday. During the incident, the man turned into arrested.

Man Charged for Allegedly Leaving Three Young Children Alone in Car Overnight in South-East Queensland

“Following the disturbance at Slacks Creek, concerns about the place of the youngsters had been raised,” stated Acting Detective Superintendent White. “Information suggests the children spent the night inside the vehicle unsupervised.”

Authorities allege that the person didn’t provide affordable care and supervision for the kids recognized to him. He has been charged with 3 counts of cruelty to youngsters below 16 years and leaving a infant beneath 12 unattended.

The 27 yr old guy is scheduled to appear in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Detective Acting Superintendent White emphasized the seriousness of leaving young kids unattended. “You cannot leave kids unattended, specially children of that age. This could be a middle cognizance of our investigation shifting ahead.”

He brought that the children’s mom become “very, very relieved” to examine they were observed secure. “We are all relieved all three youngsters are safe due to the fact they’re very young. We were presenting their mother with as lots aid as we probably can.”

Police are nonetheless investigating the moves of the blue Hyundai hatchback, Queensland registration 205 SKW, among the Gold Coast and Logan from 4:30 p.m. Sunday to 7 a.m. Monday. Anyone who saw the automobile throughout this time is entreated to contact police.

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