Who is Maureen Kelly?: Everything You Need To Know


American Maureen Leianuhea “Anu” Kelly, born September 26, 1993, vanished on June 9, 2013, in the evening. She was 19 years old. Her last known location was Skamania County, Washington’s Canyon Creek Campground, part of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Kelly claimed she was going on a “spiritual quest” with a group of friends who were at the campground with her. She then shed her clothes and entered the woods with only a fanny pack, including a compass, matches, and knives. Ever since nobody has seen or heard from her.

On September 26, 1993, Maureen Leianuhea “Anu” Kelly was born. Kelly’s peers believed she should embark on a “spiritual quest” since she had been talking about it for a while before she vanished, according to an undersheriff.

Kelly’s half-sister Cheri Kaupu said that her sister had called her just before going into the forest to ask if she could borrow camping gear, calling Kelly “a very laid-back, carefree girl” and “an affectionate person”. Amanda Ziegler, a friend of Kelly’s, expressed her dismay at Kelly going into the woods unaccompanied and without any clothes. Still, she was not shocked that Kelly had embarked on a “spiritual quest”.

On June 9, 2013, Kelly told her pals that she was leaving for a “spiritual quest” and would return by midnight while they were camping at Canyon Creek in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Kelly then took off her clothes and shoes and headed into the woods with just a fanny pack that held a compass, matches, and knives.

When Kelly did not come back, her companions reported her missing early the next morning, according to the Skamania County Sheriff’s Department.

Despite a protracted search for Kelly failing, officials were able to piece together her whereabouts by finding bare footprints that seemed to match Kelly’s size. Kelly had crossed Canyon Creek and was heading north toward Forest Service 54. K9 units were also dispatched to assist in Kelly’s location.

Authorities don’t believe Kelly’s disappearance was caused by foul play. Kelly’s disappearance is thought to have been caused by hypothermia because of the low temperatures in the area the night before and the fact that she had been clothesless. But Kelly’s body was never found, and her case is still open.

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