Mike Heslin Dies at 30: ‘Lioness’ Actor is No More


Actor Mike Heslin, best known for his work on Taylor Sheridan’s Lioness, passed away following an unplanned heart arrest and a week-long hospital stay. He was thirty years old. Nicolas James Wilson, his spouse, broke the news. Heslin had two appearances in Lioness, Season 1 as Polo. In addition, he appeared in Younger in 2016 and The Holiday Proposal Plan on Lifetime in 2017.

Mike Heslin Cause of Death:

At the age of 30, Mike Heslin passed suddenly earlier this week, as his spouse Scotty Dynamo revealed on Friday. He disclosed that Heslin, who gained notoriety for her role in the 2023 thriller series Lioness, passed away on July 2 following a “week-long battle in the hospital” and an “unexpected cardiac event.”

Dynamo said that because his husband was “young” and “in perfect health,” “the doctors have no explanation for what happened.” Additionally, he stated that he had “given the gift of life to four different families” since his spouse wished to be a donor.

Additionally, Dynamo disclosed that they had started choosing baby names and were in the “early stages of starting a family together” as of a week ago.

Heslin Appearances:

Heslin performed in several television shows, such as In Their Shoes: A Journey to Homelessness, The Influencers, House Sitting, and I Love You… But I Lied, Younger, and Seven Deadly Sins. She also had two appearances in Lioness episodes.

Additionally, he appeared in the 2020 TV film Boy*Friends and the 2023 romantic comedy The Holiday Proposal Plan.

Dynamo, dating Heslin since 2018, wedded him in November 2023 and posted a carousel of pictures and an emotional eulogy about his loving husband in one post.

Heslin passed away four months after their first wedding anniversary and three weeks after turning thirty-one, according to the devastated husband.

If he ‘ever [become] a parent,’ he would name his son after his husband, who he claimed would have been the ‘world’s most ideal father.’

He expressed his hope that he would be able to “raise him to become at least half the man you are” in his final remarks.

He claimed that his late spouse “truly was the sweetest, most caring, and loving man on earth” and that he also referred to him as his “best friend and soulmate.”

“When I felt you take your last breath, my heart shattered into a million pieces,” he wrote, addressing Heslin.

He said, “If I could switch places with you, I would do it immediately.” “However, I will live each day in your honor and take things one day at a time, as you always taught me.”

After receiving a testicular cancer diagnosis in the autumn of 2020, Dynamo described Heslin as ‘intelligent, selfless, talented, and a real-life guardian angel’ who single-handedly carried me through numerous rounds of cancer.’

“He was the person that everyone went to first to share good news with, and he was the ideal person to call when they needed the best advice or a shoulder to cry on,” the writer said.

It was the most excellent thing ever happening to me, Michael, to meet you. My world revolves around you. You mean the world to me,” he added in his letter.

“I know you have gone to a better place, and another angel has joined heaven.” “Michael, I’ll love you “forever and for always,” in the words of Shania Twain,” he wrote at the end of his letter.

Mike Heslin’s GoFundMe Page

To assist Heslin’s loved ones and pay for his burial and medical costs, a GoFundMe page has been established. Heslin was described as a “Helper” by friends and family who assisted in campaign planning, and they added that it was now their turn to fill that role.

You may access the contribution page by clicking the Scotty Dynamo’s Instagram account link.

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