LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend, Ana Montana


American basketball player LaMelo Ball was born in Anaheim, California, on August 22, 2001. LaMelo was selected by the Hornets as the third overall choice in 2020. He is a player for the National Basketball Association’s Charlotte Hornets. In 2021, he received recognition as the NBA Rookie of the Year.

In Chino Hills, California, LaMelo attended Chino Hills High School. Throughout high school, he played basketball and participated in several state championships. Regretfully, disagreements forced him to quit Chino Hills High School during his junior year. He later got a contract with Prienai, a professional basketball team in Lithuania. LaMelo played in the Junior Basketball Association league 2018, which his father founded.

After considering other options, Ball, a five-star recruit, enrolled at UCLA. However, he abandoned the idea and began playing in 2019 with the National Basketball League (NBL) ‘s Illawarra Hawks in Australia. The Hornets drafted him third overall in the 2020 NBA draft due to his several game successes.

Who is LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend, Ana Montana?

The NBA player and Ana Montana are currently together. On October 9, 1989, she was born in Massachusetts, in the United States. Her mother, Fatima Chaves, and her father, Mr. Chaves, welcomed her. Since she never posts information about her family members on social media, no data on her siblings is available.

Ana is a successful model and social media influencer. Her social media profiles often feature photos of her modeling and lifestyle. 2010, Ana began her modeling career and quickly signed up for Louis Model Management. She has appeared in several well-known music videos and magazines, including Smooth and Vibe.

Ana Montana’s Age, Profession, Net Worth, and More:

Ana Montana, a well-known figure on social media, is currently 34 years old. In October 1989, she was born in Massachusetts, USA. Ana is five feet seven inches tall and weighs 53 kg.

As previously noted, Ana is a well-known fashion model and social media influencer. She has collaborated with renowned periodicals and fashion designers. She disclosed on social media that she is a brand ambassador for the well-known company “Fashion Nova.”

She joined Louis Model Management in 2010 to start her modeling career. She afterwards became a member of Ace Experience Creative Agency. According to some stories, she competed for America’s Next Top Model but was unsuccessful. Many magazines, including Smooth and Vibe, employ Ana.

According to available information, Ana Montana’s estimated net worth is $10–$15 million; her modeling profession and Social Media promotions provide her with most of her money. She makes a respectable living through her modeling job and social media. Ana’s salary as a fashion model is over $301.1K.

Ana began her career as a fashion model early and worked her way up to stardom. Ana drives high-end vehicles like Ferraris and Lamborghini and has an opulent lifestyle. She has worked with several companies, such as PrettyLittleThing and Fashion Nova. Her rise to fame on the Channel may partly be attributed to these marketing partnerships.

Ana Montana and LaMelo Ball Met When?

Since February 2022, LaMelo Ball and Ana Montana have been dating. Ana is twelve years older than LaMelo; the two have a significant age difference. The couple has never posted anything on social media regarding their union. On the other hand, reports claim that the pair started dating in February 2022.

As previously stated, the pair never disclosed their relationship publicly. Nevertheless, they posted content on their social media profiles suggesting they were romantically involved. They messaged back and forth on social media, leaving comments on one other’s posts.

Ana Montana previously uploaded a photo of herself in an orange one-piece bikini. LaMelo Ball reshared this image and captioned it with heart emojis. Since it was the most significant hint regarding their connection, this message attracted attention from the public. She has also been spotted sporting a sweatshirt and one of the Ball’s sneakers.

The NBA player did, however, previously post a picture of Ana Montana from behind on his Social Media story. Ana Montana was wearing a sweatshirt from Ball’s clothing business, LaFrance, which is his middle name. Ana Montana shared a picture of herself wearing the same hoodie and blue knee-high boots on her Social Media story. The Netizens can keep track of their relationship status with the aid of these pointers.

Since February 2022, LaMelo Ball has been dating renowned fashion model Ana Montana. On social media, they haven’t said anything about their relationship. LaMelo Ball and Ana Montana have not released any news indicating they are childless.

Internet users speculated that Ana could be expecting. After sharing a tweet, Ana Montana removed it. Based on the hint in that tweet, she may be with a child. “In love with the human I haven’t met yet,” she captioned the photo. The majority of people connected this line to a newborn.

We are unaware of any information suggesting Ana Montana and Lamelo Ball are no longer together. In a recent social media message from October, the Hornets player wished his partner a happy birthday. This new information indicates that the pair is progressing well and on the right path.

LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriends:

LaMelo Ball has a history of dating and being linked to other women before he started dating Ana Montana. Although the precise timeline of LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend is unknown, several publications have connected him to four or five prior relationships. Examining LaMelo Ball’s past relationships in more detail reveals that most of the women he has dated work in modeling.

Iggy Azalea:

Ball allegedly had a relationship with Australian musician Iggy Azalea in 2021 before he started dating Ana Montana. Both parties never verified this connection. Therefore, internet users were primarily left to conjecture about its reality.

Teanna Trump:

Before Azalea, Ball was also connected to adult film actress Teanna Trump in a romantic relationship in 2021. Once more, because none of the two ever acknowledged their status before, during, or after the alleged news broke, this may be considered a rumor.

Ashlyn Castro:

LaMelo’s girlfriend in high school was Ashlyn Castro. Castro is also a social media influencer and model, but the couple split up in 2019, right before Ball was selected in the NBA draft.

Mia Francis:

Ball was also linked to Mia Francis in 2022, another of his reported girlfriends. Neither Ball nor Francis, a model and social media personality, responded to the reports with confirmation.

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