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Victoria Starmer has maintained a quiet profile for most of her husband’s leadership of the Labour Party and the general election campaign.

Except a few state banquets, Taylor Swift concerts, and Labour conferences, Lady Starmer, née Victoria Alexander, has eschewed making public appearances.

When asked on LBC about his wife’s lack of visibility, Sir Keir mentioned that their oldest child was completing his GCSEs and that she worked full-time at an NHS hospital.

“We took the decision that whilst I was out and about on the road, we wanted to create the environment where he could study calmly in ordinary circumstances.”

But now that Sir Keir is prime minister and has won the election, Lady Starmer might find it more difficult to avoid the limelight.

Sir Keir was a barrister when she first met him in the early 2000s, not a politician. She was a lawyer involved in the same case.

Regarding their first encounter, Sir Keir said to Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on ITV, “I was working on a case in court, and everything hinged on the accuracy of the documents.

“I [asked the team] who actually drew up these documents, they said a woman called Victoria, so I said ‘let’s get her on the line.'”

He interrogated her forensically about the paper, but before he hung up, she made one remark.

“She said, ‘who the bleep does he think he is’, then put the phone down on me,” Sir Keir said. “And quite right too.”

The relationship took off following a first date at the Lord Stanley pub in Camden, north London, despite its difficult beginnings.
She was described by Sir Keir as “grounded, sassy, funny, streetwise – and utterly gorgeous too” in an interview with his biographer Tom Baldwin.

Only a few months later, during a vacation in Greece, he proposed.

Her practical answer was, “Won’t we need a ring, Keir?”

At the Fennes estate in Essex, they were married in 2007 and the bride walked down the aisle to Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, Second Movement, one of Sir Keir’s favourite pieces of music.

Later, he called her an “incredibly warm, wonderful woman” on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. My whole rock.
The couple has two teenage children, but they have made a point of avoiding mentioning them in public to keep them out of the spotlight.

Lady Starmer was raised in north London, not far from her family’s current residence.
Before attending Cardiff University to study sociology and law, she attended Channing School.
She became active in student politics there and was elected president of the student union in 1994.
She stated that fighting against cuts to student subsidies was her top concern in an interview with the student newspaper Gair Rhydd.

Rob Watkins was a photographer for the publication and attended Cardiff University concurrently.
According to his memories, the future Lady Starmer was “witty and professional, clearly dedicated to her work” and conscious of her duty to the people she stood in for.
As her husband has often mentioned while serving as Labour leader, Lady Starmer is employed by the NHS in the occupational health sector.
He claims it helps him understand the issues the health service is facing.
In a May interview, Sir Keir told the Times that his spouse planned to remain in her position should he win the election.

“She’s absolutely going to carry on working, she wants to and she loves it.”

The couple’s home life has already been disturbed by Sir Keir’s work, despite their stated desire to maintain as much normalcy as possible for their kids.
Pro-Palestinian protesters staged a demonstration in front of their house in April. They hung a banner and placed children’s shoes outside the front door.
Upon her return from a shopping excursion with her son, Lady Starmer noticed the demonstrators.
When asked how she felt about the demonstration, Lady Starmer replied, “To be perfectly honest, I felt a bit sick.”

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