Who is Emiliano Martinez’s wife? Know all about Mandinha Martinez


Following a 4-2 penalty shootout over France, Argentina won a thrilling FIFA World Cup 2022 victory in Qatar. Several football fans have taken notice of Emiliano Martinez, Argentina’s goalkeeper, and Lionel Messi, one of the biggest stars in the sport, following his incredible saves for his country. Let’s examine the Argentine goalkeeper’s marriage to Amanda Gama and Mandinha Martinez, even if little is known about their personal lives.

Who is Emiliano Martinez?

Argentina’s national team’s goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, made headlines during their 2022 FIFA World Cup victory with his sly pranks. The Daily Mail claims that Amanda Martinez, his wife, is the more sensible.

The astute and composed mother of two is the CEO of her upscale interior design business, MiSuenos Kids. The company specializes in furnishing children’s bedrooms and playrooms, and Amanda is an absolute artist at what she does.

Amanda wants to keep her feet firmly planted, but Emiliano—also known as Dibu—is well-known for his flashy on-pitch displays. She provides toddler and infant lessons, including sensory exercises, and sells anything from toys and furniture to children’s apparel and accessories.

In the fields of early childhood education and interior design, Amanda is becoming well-known. She has a store located in the quaint village of Radlett, Hertfordshire.

MiSuenos Kids provides a selection of goods to fulfill the aspirations of all kids. Amanda has everything from an exquisite Oriana Fairytale bunk bed priced at a whopping £4,990 to a stylish yellow coat at a discount of £31.

She has a Playhouse bunk bed for young explorers, which costs £3,999, and a D.Throne electric vehicle, which costs £4,300 for young speedsters. Not to overlook her football star husband, Amanda also has copies of Emiliano’s book, “Dibu Martinez – Pasión Por El Fútbol,” in-store, priced at £12.99.

A fast-food company in Argentina focuses on her spouse, who stands at a towering 6 feet 5 inches since they have named a burger after him. However, Amanda is making a name for herself in the market for “yummy mummy” luxury kids’ clothes and furniture. The pair wed in 2017 and are parents to a girl and a boy.

Who is Mandinha Martinez?

Senior professional interior designer Mandinha Martinez owns MiSuenos Kids, which creates kid-friendly playrooms and bedrooms. Mandinha and Emiliano were raised in the same region of Argentina, in Mar del Plata.

How did they Meet?

Mandinha and Emiliano first met in London. One day, Emiliano noticed Mandinha at the bus stop and worked up the nerve to approach her. At that point, they had a brief conversation before moving on to eat something close by. They have been together since they first met in 2013.

On May 22, 2017, they were married in a London suburb. There were about 80 guests at the opulent wedding and big party. Other well-known football players were Héctor Bellerin, Nacho Monreal, David Ospina, Santiago Cazorla, and Gabriel Paulista, among many more.

In June 2018, Santi, their first child, was born. Emiliano felt a lot of anxiety after learning that he would be a father. Afterward, though, he joyfully announced the birth of his child. Emiliano found out that Mandina was expecting a second child in November 2019. He later got to see his daughter Ava through Zoom and video conversations. He was so thrilled that it spurred him to an incredible performance against Columbia.

Emiliano’s family and Mandinha help him stay a productive goalie and team player on his football teams. Mandinga is a significant source of inspiration for her husband and provides him with unwavering support.

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