Jamieson Ritter is the Cleveland Police Officer who Died in the Line of Duty


Ritter spent four years as an officer in the Cleveland Division of Police. The Webster, New York native was shot and killed while performing his duties.

Jamieson Ritter Dead:

Jamieson Ritter, a 27-year-old police officer from Cleveland who was assigned to the Third District for the last four years, was shot and murdered in the line of duty early on Thursday morning.

In a statement, Cleveland Police Chief Annie Todd stated, “Today is a sad day for our city.” Ironically, we are reminded of the evil that attempts to infiltrate our community on this day of freedom. We acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice that Officer Ritter made, though, and we will never forget and show compassion for him, even despite our loss and pain. His legacy will live on in our hearts forever.”

Jamieson Ritter: Who is He?

After earning his degree from Syracuse University in 2019, Ritter joined the Army National Guard as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was attached to the 134th Field Artillery Regiment while serving in the Ohio Army National Guard. Ritter joined the Cleveland Division of Police in November 2020. He and his squad traveled to Syria in 2022, and in 2023, Ritter returned to Cleveland to resume his duties.

Born and raised in Webster, New York, Ritter completed his education at McQuaid Jesuit High School in 2015. The Cleveland Division of Police released that Ritter has a strong passion for serving his neighborhood and nation from an early age. According to his family, “Jamieson had a strong desire to serve his community and an innate understanding of selfless service to the nation from an early age.”

Ritter’s father, Jon, was a police officer in Greece, New York, according to NBC station WHEC in Rochester, New York. When William Spengler, a suspect, set fire to a building on Christmas Eve 2012 and then shot and killed the firefighters who responded, the older Ritter was given credit for saving lives. Ritter had taken to his car to shield others from the gunfire as he drove to work. In 2013, Jon Ritter left the Greece Police Department.

Channel has discovered that Ritter’s brave deeds in several circumstances won him the title of May’s officer of the month. Ritter and Officer Brittany Vajusi went to a guy who had been shot in the chest in the 3400 block of East 69th on February 2.

The Cleveland Police Foundation posted that the man was unconscious, not breathing, and did not even have a pulse. Patrolmen Vajusi and Ritter got right to action, taking off clothes, putting on chest seals, and beginning CPR. The police worked feverishly for many minutes, applying chest compressions and reestablishing the victim’s pulse. The victim tragically died a few seconds later, although the cops did everything they could to help the victim survive.

The second incident happened on April 20. A man had leaped into the Cuyahoga River in the 1000 block of Old River Road, and officers Ritter and Vajusi were sent to the scene.

The Cleveland Police Foundation reports, “Patrol Officers Vajusi and Ritter, along with several other officers, successfully pulled the male from the water.” “To prevent hypothermia, Patrol Officers Vajusi and Ritter helped administer first aid and warm the man up. The man was sent to Metro Medical Center. Once more, Patrol Officers Vajusi and Ritter were instrumental in saving a life.”

The most recent incident had Ritter and Vajusi responding to a report near East 55th and McBride on May 9 regarding a man shooter.

According to the Cleveland Police Foundation, they discovered a man who had been shot many times when they arrived.

“In an attempt to preserve the man’s life, Patrol Officers Vajusi and Ritter took off the man’s clothes, put bandages and chest seals on him, and offered him words of encouragement for the next five minutes. And if all of that wasn’t enough, they also wanted to know who had shot him. Eventually, the accused gunman was apprehended as a result of their investigations. The cops carried out the inquiry while rescuing the victim. Patrol Officer Ritter remained at his side until the victim was inside the emergency medical services wagon. Without Patrol Officer Vajusi and Ritter’s commitment to preserving lives, I don’t think the victim would have lived.”

Shooting Details:

According to Todd, he was shot while responding to a report about a suspect sought for felonious assault in the 1500 block of East 80th. Upon the man’s attempted arrest, according to the chief, he “produced a firearm and began firing multiple shots.” De’Lawnte Hardy, 24, has been named as the suspect. After his arrest, he was accused of aggravated murder.

Statement on Ritter’s Death:

In response to Ritter’s passing, McQuaid Jesuit High School issued the following statement:

Jamieson Ritter, a 2015 graduate who sadly died while doing his duties as a Cleveland police officer, is much missed by McQuaid Jesuit.

Officer Ritter showed unshakable devotion and courage while serving his community during the overnight shooting incident. As a McQuaid Jesuit student, Jamieson was taught the ideals of leadership, fairness, and service. He exemplified these principles.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the Ritter family on behalf of the whole McQuaid Jesuit community, and we kindly request that you pray for Jamieson, his loved ones, and the Cleveland Police Department at this incredibly trying time.

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