Inside the mind of Cristiano Ronaldo as Euro 2024 tears given new context


Former Premier League player and sports psychologist Paul McVeigh has offered insight into Cristiano Ronaldo’s emotional moment at Euro 2024. Ronaldo, 39, is desperate to win his second European Championship, but has struggled to score in the tournament so far.

His best opportunity came in extra time against Slovenia, but his penalty was saved by Jan Oblak, leading to a tearful breakdown.

Ronaldo’s emotional moment was captured on camera, showing him looking up at his mother in the stands. However, he regained composure and went on to score in the penalty shootout, which Portugal won thanks to goalkeeper Diogo Costa’s heroics.

McVeigh, who played against Ronaldo during his 14-year professional career, believes the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will use this experience to refocus ahead of the quarterfinal match against France.

McVeigh, who holds a Masters degree in sports psychology, has analyzed Ronaldo’s behavior and predicts he will respond strongly to this setback. “Ronaldo is a champion who has consistently shown his resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity,” McVeigh said.

“He will use this moment to refocus and motivate himself for the next challenge.” McVeigh’s expertise suggests that Ronaldo’s emotional moment will not define his tournament, and he will continue to lead Portugal with determination and skill.

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