CRTC Broadband Fund: Project selected in July 2024


In order to provide high-speed fibre Internet to four isolated Inuit settlements in Nunavut—including one community that speaks an official language other than English—the CRTC is taking action.

The CRTC has committed $271.9 million to the Nunavut government’s construction of a 1,300-kilometer fibre link linking the towns of Iqaluit, Kinngait, Coral Harbour, and Kimmirut through its Broadband Fund.

More financial announcements will be made in the upcoming months by the CRTC, which is still reviewing applications.

The selected project is as follows:

Recipient and province/territorySpeeds to be offered for access projects, technology to be used for mobile projectsEstimated numbers of communities and households to potentially benefitCommunitiesCRTC Broadband Fund contribution (approximate)Decisions
Government of Nunavut, NunavutFibre transport network to be built (approx. 1,300 km)4 communities4,235 householdsCoral HarbourIqaluitKimmirutKinngait$271.9MCRTC 2024-149
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