Cristiano Ronaldo reveals why he cried after missed penalty in Euro 2024: ‘I was at rock bottom when my team needed me the most’


Portugal’s journey to the Euro quarterfinals was not without its challenges. Despite being the 2016 champions, they struggled to score against Slovenia, who were playing in their first European Championships in 24 years.

A pivotal moment came when Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty was saved by Jan Oblak in extra time. Ronaldo was visibly emotional, but he later composed himself and scored the first penalty in the shootout, helping Portugal win the match.

In a post-match interview, Ronaldo acknowledged his emotions, saying, “Even the strongest people have their bad days… I was sad at first, but now I’m happy.” He also reflected on his dedication to the team, stating, “I will always give my best for this shirt, whether I fail or not… I have never been afraid to face things head-on.”

Ronaldo also confirmed that this would be his last European Championship, but expressed his gratitude for the game and the support of his fans and family.

Despite the challenges, Portugal’s victory showcases their resilience and determination, with Ronaldo’s leadership and skill playing a crucial role in their success.

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