Kevin Felipe Valiente, 36, is Suspected of Abusing a Woman with a Disability


Police claim that a 36-year-old man abused a disabled lady in Hialeah about two months ago, and he is now being charged with major offenses.

Kevin Felipe Valiente is charged with one count each of lewd and lascivious molestation on an old or disabled adult and lewd and lascivious display of an elderly or disabled adult, according to an arrest report from the Hialeah Police Department.

The 35-year-old lady, according to Hialeah police, is unwell and uses a wheelchair.

On June 15, according to the authorities, the lady said that on May 25, at approximately midnight, Valiente went into her room at a house close to the 3500 block of East Eighth Lane, where she was sleeping, and woke her up by asking, “Has she ever had sex before?” According to the police, Valiente and the woman are acquainted.

According to the investigation, the victim told Valiente “no” and that the talk was unpleasant. Detectives were notified shortly after by the victim that Valiente had pulled down his trousers and exposed himself to her, asking her whether she had ever seen a penis before.

According to what an officer noted, “the victim replied no while covering her eyes, telling him (Valiente) to leave the room.”

According to the report, the victim said that as she lay in bed, Valiente laid on top of her, nude below the waist, and groped her breasts with both of his hands.

According to investigators, the victim then used her right hand to shove Valiente away from him, forcing him to exit the room. Later on in the evening, Valiente went back to the victim’s room and “repeated the same offenses,” according to the police. Detectives claimed the victim verified there was never any penetration.

Valiente was already being held at the Metro West Detention Center for a battery charge that happened in May, according to police, who found this out after looking over his records on Tuesday. He was detained at the MWDC on Wednesday; his bond has not yet been set.

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