Banned NBA player Jontay Porter will be charged in betting case, court papers indicate


Former Toronto Raptors player Jontay Porter is facing federal felony charges related to a sports betting scandal. According to court documents filed in Brooklyn, Porter is accused of tipping off bettors about his plans to exit games early, allowing them to profit from his insider information.

The charges are connected to an existing prosecution of four men who were charged with scheming to cash in on tips from Porter about his plans to leave games early. Porter’s lawyer, Jeff Jensen, has previously stated that his client was struggling with a gambling addiction and was “in over his head” but was seeking treatment and cooperating with law enforcement.

The NBA had earlier banned Porter for life after conducting an investigation that found him guilty of violating the league’s gambling rules.

The investigation revealed that Porter had gambled on NBA games, including one against his own team, and had also tipped off bettors about his health, allowing them to profit from his insider information. Porter’s ban from the NBA was a result of his violation of the league’s rules and his involvement in the sports betting scandal.

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