All You Need To Know About Tom Schwartz’s Girlfriend


Tom Schwartz has left the market once more.

After divorcing his ex-wife and co-star Katie Maloney in March 2022, the Vanderpump Rules star began dating Sophia Skoro in December 2023, almost two years later. Schwartz is 18 years older than the 23-year-old, yet neither of them seems to be troubled by the difference in age.

“She’s just really effing cool! She’s charismatic and clever and kind of unconventionally funny,” Schwartz said in an April 2024 interview with Access Hollywood. “She’s way cooler than me.”

He continued by saying that Skoro had gotten to know and developed relationships with all of the Vanderpump cast members, including Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Tom Sandoval, and Scheana Shay.

She gets along well with all of them. One of her best qualities is that, according to Schwartz. “She’s extremely sincere and connects with people right away when I introduce her to them. She is quite outgoing.”

Who is the girlfriend of Tom Schwartz, then? Everything you need to know about Sophia Skoro and the reality star’s relationship is provided here.

Skoro’s LinkedIn page indicates that she received a marketing degree from the University of Oregon in June 2022. Shortly after, she relocated from Portland to Los Angeles, where she started working for Publicis as a marketing consultant.

In December 2022, Skoro began working as an associate media planner at Publicis, where he is still employed today. As to her LinkedIn, her primary client is TikTok, where she assists in campaign planning and strategy development for the digital investment team.

Skoro works a full-time job and owns a vintage clothes company named Shop Sosko.

In an April 2024 episode of Nick Viall’s podcast The Viall Files, Schwartz revealed that Skoro initiated contact when they first met in the summer of 2023 at his pub, TomTom.

“I was like, ‘He’s looking hot,’ so I just told him,” Skoro said. “I simply just told him, and that was it.”

Schwartz admitted that he got so nervous he even left the bar. “I was with Kyle Chan and I told him, ‘I just met the most beautiful human being I’ve ever laid eyes on,’ but I had no intentions of going back,” he recalled. “And Kyle dragged me back to TomTom.”

The two went on a dinner date after conversing and exchanging numbers, but after that, Schwartz “couldn’t get away from” Skoro, she claimed.

When fans saw that Schwartz was spending time with Skoro in the early months of 2024, they started to wonder what kind of relationship they had. The store owner previously recorded a video of herself and Schwartz in a car together the month before, and in March 2024 she shared a TikTok of the two of them in a hotel room.

“I would say I’m not dating,” Schwartz shared in a February episode of Watch What Happens Live. “I’m hanging out, it’s new, it’s exciting.”

Even though many quickly brought up the fact that Skoro is 18 years younger than Schwartz, the owner of Schwartz & Sandy claimed it doesn’t worry him.

In an interview with The Viall Files podcast, Schwartz said, “To be honest, I think that would feel gross if I was a lecherous old man trolling bars, like, seeking out young women.” However, we simply ran into each other. We clicked right away.”

He went on to say that he felt “defensive” when others made assumptions about their age difference and that he objected to how “they strip away a woman’s agency.”

Schwartz stated that even though their relationship has taken off, the couple is taking their time and enjoying getting to know one another.

“I’m happy. It’s kind of new and exciting, and I kind of feel at peace for the first time in a long time,” Schwartz told Access Hollywood. “It’s been really pleasant … She’s just a badass human being.”

Schwartz responded that they were going slow for the time being when someone inquired if she was the “one.”

“I’m just taking it day by day right now, but I enjoy her company. We just started [dating], but we’ve known each other for kind of a while now,” he said. “I don’t know. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m happy and at peace with her right now.”

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