Sheriff suspends bid for US House seat once held by ex-Speaker McCarthy


Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux has suspended his campaign for the California U.S. House seat previously held by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, endorsing fellow Republican Rep. Vince Fong instead. Fong won a special election in May to complete the remainder of McCarthy’s term and is now likely to secure the full term for the 20th Congressional District in November.

Despite facing off against Fong in the special election, Boudreaux acknowledged the long odds of reversing the outcome in the fall and chose to unite behind Fong, citing their shared Republican values and commitment to individual liberty, affordable living, and community safety. In an online video, Boudreaux stated, “It’s time to bring our region together…we’re Republicans, family men, and fighters.”

Boudreaux’s endorsement of Fong marks a significant development in the race for California’s 20th Congressional District. With Fong now positioned as the clear front-runner, the district is likely to remain in Republican hands.

The move also highlights the party’s efforts to unite behind a single candidate, avoiding a potentially divisive primary battle. As the November election approaches, Fong will likely face a Democratic challenger, but his incumbent status and Republican backing give him a strong advantage in the conservative-leaning district.

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