Sepia Bride: Everything Needs to Know about Viral TikTok Photography Drama


TikTok users have taken to Alexandra Weinstein, dubbed the “Sepia Bride,” due to her unhappiness.

Who is the Sepia Bride?

TikTok fans called Alexandra Weinstein the “Sepia Bride” after her wedding image drama went viral.

The moniker alludes to the sepia tone added to many of Alexandra’s wedding images. She wed at a vacation wedding in Anguilla in November 2023. She started sharing her wedding story with her TikTok followers in June 2024.

Alexandra talked about her disagreement with her wedding photographer in a sequence of storytime films.

The bride said the photographer used the sepia filter excessively in several photos. The former looked yellow on her wedding day due to what seemed to be the usage of a sepia filter.

“I’m staring at the pictures for about 30 days, and I’m thinking, ‘Why is there something bothering me?'” I was unable to locate it,” she said in a video.

“I don’t think all of my pictures are awful. The photographer stunningly captured the events. She has had some unforgettable moments. I didn’t like the post-production process. There are a lot of breathtaking moments. The only thing that bothered me was how the colors and editing washed everything out. She was incredibly talented at capturing moments, so I’m not discounting that. What bothered me, though, was the post-edit.

Why is the ‘Sepia Bride’ trending?

Following the success of Alexandra’s TikTok videos, many voiced their thoughts.

Some sympathized with the bride’s wedding photographer, while others could understand her displeasure.

One person said, “The editing is consistent.”

“The difference is the lighting and background, which play a role in the final product.”

In response, a separate user said, “No image will look the same in a different light.”

“These are all very beautiful,” said a third user.

Other commentators, meanwhile, supported the bride.

One user said, “If your client isn’t happy, you should try your best to make things right.”

“In this case, you re-edit the entire collection according to the client’s wants and apologize profusely.”

Another member suggested: “You aren’t compromising the integrity of your art; you’re providing excellent customer service.”After I corrected mine, my photographers did the same! My payment was almost the same as yours.”

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