Tragic Death of Londonderry Schoolgirl Caitlin McLaughlin After Drug Use


A schoolgirl from Londonderry, Caitlin McLaughlin, sixteen, tragically died after taking a combination of drugs, which consist of ecstasy, cocaine, and synthetic amphetamine, as determined via a coroner. Caitlin collapsed at the surrender of the Belsonic song competition in Belfast’s Ormeau Park very last three hundred and sixty 5 days.

After collapsing, Caitlin changed into rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital. Despite the scientific business enterprise’s efforts, she went into cardiac arrest speedy after arriving and modified into now not capable of be revived.

Coroner Anne-Louise Toal described Caitlin’s loss of existence as devastating, highlighting the intense effect of drug misuse on society. “Drugs are an epidemic on our society,” she said in the direction of the inquest.

Caitlin’s mother, Leanne McLaughlin, broke down in tears at the identical time as giving her proof on the inquest held at Bishop Street Courthouse in Derry. Leanne, pictured outside the courthouse with seven specific circle of relatives people, defined her daughter’s death as a “life sentence.”

Tragic Death of Londonderry Schoolgirl Caitlin McLaughlin After Drug Use

Leanne very last located Caitlin at the morning of June 24, 2023. Caitlin have emerge as on her way to the Belsonic stay common overall performance in Belfast after finishing her GCSEs at St Cecilia’s College in Derry. It changed into later decided that Caitlin had taken cocaine and ecstasy capsules (“wingers”) at the bus to the live ordinary performance.

Coroner Toal warned that unlawful drugs are frequently laced with risky substances, which consist of rat poison, or perhaps one ecstasy pill may be lethal. Caitlin’s cardiac arrest come to be added on via the use of using way of way of the usage of the mixture of ecstasy, cocaine, and artificial amphetamine, all of which have been placed in her gadget autopsy.

The inquest blanketed a sworn assertion from a forensic toxicologist who showed the presence of the three capsules in Caitlin’s body. Although the suitable style of ecstasy capsules Caitlin consumed changed into uncertain, the coroner emphasized that there are “no strong stages” of drug use.

A paramedic on duty ultimately of the live regular ordinary overall performance recalled being called to the Ormeau embankment, wherein Caitlin end up placed subconscious. Medics reached her internal minutes, however she had already vomited more than one times and end up unresponsive. She changed into transported to the Royal Victoria Hospital with the aid of using ambulance, wherein she suffered a cardiac arrest and changed into endorsed vain lots masses much less than hours after paramedics have been to start with called.

The coroner expressed her sorrow, noting that Caitlin had her whole life earlier of her, and what have to had been a “a laugh-crammed night time time time” introduced about tragedy. Caitlin had taken the drugs earlier than the stay time-honored normal basic performance and collapsed close to the bus save you in which she modified into presupposed to transport returned home to Derry.

Caitlin’s lack of lifestyles has deeply affected her circle of relatives, in addition to the frame of humans and college college university students at St Cecilia’s College. A detective constable who investigated the case showed that a police record had been submitted to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS).

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks of drug use and the devastating effect it can have on people and their loved ones.

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