Amanda Pierce, a California native, has been a prominent figure in the dance industry for over two decades. She is a versatile tap dancer, choreographer, and director who has worked with various prestigious organizations, including the NRG Dance Project, Knicks City Dancers, and the Australian Dance Festival.

Amanda’s impressive performance credits include the Super Bowl, Madison Square Garden, and appearances with renowned artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Green Day. She has also been featured on various television shows, including the TODAY Show, So You Think You Can Dance, and CBS This Morning.

As a choreographer, Amanda has worked with the NY Jets Cheerleaders and has been recognized for her innovative ElectroTap Scholarship program. She has been dubbed the “Queen of Tap” by the Oakland Tribune and KRON TV and has won numerous awards for her performances, including the solo Tap Title at the World Cup Dance Championships in Italy.

Amanda’s extensive experience in the entertainment industry has also led to her involvement in various commercials, print ads, and theater productions. She is an alumna of Hofstra University, where she attended on a dance scholarship, and is now a regional leader for Going Pro Sports Entertainment. Amanda continues to inspire and motivate dancers as one of the tap world’s dynamic choreographers.

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