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It seems that NRL player Reece Walsh and his child’s mother, Freda Puru, have called it quits. Puru and the 20-year-old fullback for the Brisbane Broncos are said to have parted ways. On social media, there have been rumours about their breakup that the pair is no longer together.

The pair have stopped following each other on Instagram. They were blessed with a daughter, Leila Arohamauroa, in March 2021. Additionally, Walsh deleted every picture of Puru from his account. Conversely, Puru has made her Instagram account private. Walsh is not included in her bio, which now simply says, “My mini & me.” Walsh recently shared a photo of himself with his beloved dog, Moana, his daughter, with the message, “My girls are getting big.”

About a year ago, rumours started to circulate about their breakup. After their daughter turned one, Puru started to noticeably disappear from Walsh’s family get-togethers and social media updates. Rumours that the pair had broken up were stoked by this absence.

Next week, Walsh will play as a fullback for Queensland in his first State of Origin match. He will take Kalyn Ponga’s place, who was benched because of worries about his welfare following a concussion. Walsh has had highs and lows in his career. While playing for the New Zealand Warriors last year, Walsh acknowledged that his drug usage and partying had made him “arrogant.” His arrest for possessing cocaine resulted from this in September of 2022.

Walsh was taken into custody in Surfers Paradise after he disobeyed a police order to leave a nightclub area. He was discovered to have cocaine during a search. The 19-year-old received a good behaviour bond and a $400 fine at the time. Walsh said he was ashamed of the situation and wanted to be a better role model for his younger fans. He also expressed sincere regret for it.

Along with his criminal punishment, Walsh also received a $5,000 fine and a two-game suspension from the NRL. He revealed that there was a big learning curve from the event. He was thankful to have learned the lesson early in his career, even though he acknowledged being conceited and complacent.

Walsh has pledged to maintain sobriety ever since his arrest. He revealed that he feels a lot better being a teetotaler and hasn’t had any alcohol since the incident. Walsh admitted that in the past, his drinking had interfered with his capacity to raise his child. He declared his intention to serve as a role model for ambitious athletes and young fans.

Walsh addressed the Warriors supporters via video following his apprehension. He expressed regret for his behaviour and acknowledged owning drugs. Walsh acknowledged that he was the only one at fault and accepted full responsibility. He apologized and promised to use the experience as a teaching tool.

Reece Walsh wants to put his previous struggles behind him as he gets ready for his State of Origin debut. His career and serving as a good role model for his daughter and younger fans continue to be his top priorities. Another chapter in Walsh’s dramatic journey has reportedly ended with his breakup from Freda Puru. He keeps working toward achievement and progress despite obstacles in his personal and professional life.

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