Don Henley Files Lawsuit to Regain Ownership of ‘Hotel California’ Lyric Sheets


Don Henley Files Lawsuit to Recover Stolen Lyric Sheets of ‘Hotel California’

Don Henley, the co-founder and lead vocalist of the iconic rock band Eagles, has filed a lawsuit to reclaim the stolen handwritten lyric sheets of the band’s hit album ‘Hotel California.’ The lawsuit was filed in a New York federal court, stating that the lyric sheets in question belong to Henley and his family.

The lawsuit comes after a previous trial in which the criminal charges were dropped against three collectible experts, Glenn Horowitz, Craig Inciardi, and Edward Kosinski, who were accused of conspiring to sell the stolen documents for profit. The handwritten pages remain in the custody of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, which has declined to comment on the ongoing litigation.

The defendants claim to have acquired the lyrics from a writer who worked on a never-published Eagles biography. However, Henley’s lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, maintains that Henley never authorized the sale of the personal lyric sheets for profit. The lawsuit seeks a declaratory judgment affirming Henley’s ownership of the roughly 100 pages of handwritten lyric sheets, which include songs from the iconic ‘Hotel California’ album.

The case highlights the issue of ownership and profit from memorabilia, with Henley seeking the return of his stolen property. The lawsuit also raises questions about the manipulation of the justice system, with Kosinski’s lawyer accusing Henley of trying to rewrite history. The case is ongoing, with Henley demanding a jury trial to resolve the issue.

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