Everything You Need To Know About Jude Bellingham Parents


With his rapid rise to prominence, JUDE BELLINGHAM is a strong contender for the Ballon d’Or.

After an incredible first season at Real Madrid, he is regarded as one of England’s main players for Euro 2024.

Many people think Jude’s close-knit family contributes to his future success as one of the Three Lions’ best players.

Jude Bellingham’s Dad

Jude’s father, a former West Midlands police officer, is credited with shaping Jude’s personality.

After passing the necessary exams set by the governing body, Mark Bellingham became a licensed Fifa agent and assumed responsibility for his son’s career.

Mark enjoyed a successful non-league career playing for teams including Stourbridge, Leamington, Sutton Coldfield, Bromsgrove Rovers, and Halesowen Town.

Sportskeeda claims that Mark played 900 games at the semi-professional level and scored over 700 goals, his 700th coming for Paget Rangers of Midland League Division Two at the age of 40.

Mark was a sergeant with West Midlands Police and played football.

Jude stated, speaking with the FA website in 2021:

“We talk about footballing heroes, and my dad was like my first.

“When you go and watch him play every week in non-league, you know it’s not the Premier League or anything, but seeing the way he played and the atmosphere, it made me fall in love with football so he was probably my first hero”

Jude continued by saying: “Growing up, he’d always give me tips on what I could do and now it gets to a certain age and it sort of flips and that’s brilliant because we have that sort of relationship like father and son and then as I got older, like coach and player.”

Jude Bellingham’s Mom

While representing England in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Jude revealed that his human resources manager mother Denise still makes his bed.

He went on to say further by sharing:

“The role my mum is playing is massive.

“I think at the minute it is probably the biggest role of anyone, even probably more than my coaches and managers, to be honest.”

Jude refers to his mother Denise as his “queen” and has always stated that she is the secret to his success.

When Jude signed a contract to play for Borussia Dortmund in 2020, his mother moved to Germany to support him and assist with settling in.

After relocating to Real Madrid, she still oversees her son’s financial matters and resides with him in the upscale La Finca neighbourhood.

At his unveiling, Jude said: “Without my mum, sometimes I’d get too low with the lows or too high with the highs and I stay pretty humble because I’ve got her around.

“It’s also great to have her there because she’s a great laugh as well. We get on so well and we’re always doing stuff together.”

He became the most expensive British footballer of all time with his £115 million arrival, but it was hardly money wasted as he helped Real Madrid win the Champions League and La Liga with 23 goals across all competitions.

Bellingham was raised in the Stourbridge neighborhood of Hagley.

His early years were spent playing football, according to old neighbors, instructors, and sports coaches back in the West Midlands.

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