Everything You Need To Know About Baylor Scheierman Girlfriend


Born on September 26, 2000, Baylor Scheierman is a talented American who plays collegiate basketball for the Big East Conference’s Creighton Bluejays. Scheierman, who attended Aurora High School, was a standout athlete in baseball, golf, football, and basketball. His athleticism and adaptability were evident as he guided his teams to multiple victories, including a football state championship.

Scheierman demonstrated his abilities during his time in college, first with the South Dakota State Jackrabbits and then with Creighton, where he won awards such as Summit League Player of the Year. In addition to his dedication to greatness, Scheierman carries on his family’s basketball tradition and makes waves on the floor.

Baylor Scheierman’s Girlfriend

Ally Batenhorst and Baylor Scheierman are reportedly dating at the moment. She plays volleyball and was a member of the Nebraska Cornhusker volleyball team from her freshman to junior years. Like her boyfriend Scheireman, she is a student-athlete. She transferred in 2024 and is a senior volleyball player for the USC Trojans at the University of Southern California (USC).

Scheierman and Batenhorst have both been spotted in public on multiple occasions supporting one another from the sidelines during their respective games.

Although the exact beginning date of Baylor Scheierman and Ally Batenhorst’s relationship is unknown, sources state that they went public with it around September 2023.

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