All You Need To Know About Naomi Osaka’s Boyfriend Cordae


After welcoming her daughter Shai into the world in July 2023 alongside her boyfriend Cordae, Naomi Osaka is back on the court. He was unaware that she was a professional tennis player when they started dating in 2019, but he has supported her both on and off the court ever since. Who is the rapper, then? Everything you require is provided here.

Although Cordae Amari Dunston, as he is officially known, was born in North Carolina on August 26, 1997, he spent the majority of his childhood years in Suitland, Maryland. The 26-year-old rapper ditched the YBN moniker after the hip-hop trio YBN split in 2020. Before then, he was known as YBN Cordae.

He received two Grammy Award nominations for “The Lost Boy” (2019), his debut studio album, for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song (2019) for “Bad Idea,” featuring Chance the Rapper. In 2022, he dropped “From a Bird’s Eye View,” his second album, which peaked at number one on the Billboard 200.

While he always had a passion for music, his rap career took centre stage in 2018. Under the moniker Entendre, he put out three mixtapes throughout his adolescence. “Anxiety” (2014) was one of those releases that he made while he was still a high school student.

He attended Towson University following his high school graduation in 2015 until leaving in 2018. He claimed to Elevator Magazine that he attended college to please his parents. “I went to college to escape my neighbourhood and to please my parents. My Dad only obtained his GED while incarcerated, and my mother never received her diploma, therefore I would have been a first-generation graduate. He told the newspaper, “Going to college was something bigger than me; it was for my Mom.” Shortly after, Cordae relocated to Los Angeles and dropped his debut song of the same year.

The musician has advocated for causes close to his heart using his platform. He took part in a BLM demonstration in 2016; in 2020, he and football player Kenny Stills were detained at a Breonna Taylor demonstration in Louisville, Kentucky. Wearing a Defund the Cops t-shirt, he watched Osaka at the 2020 US Open women’s singles.

In her career, Cordae has been a helpful person, and Osaka claimed he assisted her in winning the 2020 US Open. The Grammy-nominated musician rushed out to assist her when her father was unable to attend the tournament. “I feel like he helped me win just, like, keeping up the motivation,” she added.

Cordae and Naomi met through their GQ cover, and after exchanging numbers, they arranged to meet for their first date at a Clippers game at the Staples Center.

He told the outlet he didn’t know Osaka was a tennis player at the time, “It’s not my sport. If you asked me about tennis, before being immersed in it because of Naomi, I could only give you Venus and Serena Williams, you know? Because they’re just a part of the culture.”

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