All You Need To Know About James Blake & His Girlfriend Jameela Jamil


In an amusing Sunday Times Magazine “Life in the Day feature,” Jameela Jamil shared a unique glimpse into her life with James Blake.

The musician, 35, and the broadcaster, 38, began dating in 2015, but they usually keep their relationship under wraps.

She has now provided a thorough explanation of her daily schedule, which consists of a lot of cake, coffee, and gossip in addition to spending the evening “clinging to James’s bum.”

Along with her partner James, two roommates, and their two dogs, Barold and Winnie, Jameela resides in Los Angeles.

Explaining how she starts her day, Jameela wrote: ‘I wake up at 8 am, James makes the coffee and we sit in bed and gossip. My day has to start with laughter, coffee and cake.’

‘As someone who had anorexia for 20 years, my first thought used to be: “Don’t eat any cake today.” It’s liberating to now look forward to it. Our flatmates, two boys I met when I was 19, might join us. It’s not sh***ing, just to make that clear.’

Jameela disclosed that, because she is in a “position of luxury” because she is childless, she can work whenever she wants to and usually does so from home.

The two usually take an hour-long walk after work before James prepares an Italian dinner for them.

She continued, saying, “We watch TV after dinner.” Every time I go to sleep, I wake up, tell James it wasn’t me, and gaslight him for thirty minutes. I’d sooner confess to a murder. He nods off right away in bed, and I lie there thinking if I can make my dogs live forever.

‘We sleep under three weighted blankets and I play a game on my phone to help me stop thinking about how terrible the world is. I fall asleep like a monkey on a branch, clinging to James’s bum.’

Jameela said that she experiences “social anxiety” and dislikes going to work functions, yet she still shows up to most of James’ engagements.

Jameela, who was born in London, moved to America in 2016 and has been there ever since.

After posting a cuddly photo of herself and James at her birthday party in February 2015, she initially aroused dating rumours.

The couple appeared to come clean about their relationship a few months after sharing their first Instagram picture of one another while attending the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

The pair debuted on the red carpet in 2019 when they went to the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes afterparty, a few years after they first announced their romance.

The couple rarely discusses their relationship in interviews, but Jameela talked about what James has taught her over the years when she appeared on Emma Gannon’s Ctrl Alt Delete podcast.

“My boyfriend taught me to stand up for myself,” the woman remarked. He has been quite influential. I now get the workings of white male privilege. We’ve been dating for four years now. I chose to attempt to live my life similarly to his.

‘If he doesn’t need his nails done before a mag interview, then neither do I. He spends five minutes getting ready, then so do I.’

In another interview, Blake discussed how his fiancée has encouraged him to express his emotions more openly in a Dazed magazine interview.

Just being able to express my feelings to people feels nice right now. I believe it’s because when I first met my partner, pretending was not tolerated. She expresses what she thinks.

It was like, “Explain your feelings to me.” Please share your thoughts with me.”I wasn’t encouraged in my daily life to hide behind metaphors, hide behind protracted silences, or hide behind moods without elaborating on their meanings.”

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