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When Jordan Davis and his wife first met in New Orleans, Louisiana, it was while attending several weddings. “Next Thing You Know,” they have three children and are married.

The “Buy Dirt” actor remembered the occasion when he first saw his future wife in a hotel lobby in New Orleans while attending his college roommate’s wedding. His wife, Kristen O’Connor, was also in town for a wedding; though she was seeing someone else then, she stayed in touch with her future husband and they started dating soon after she found herself single. Davis discussed the narrative on his record label:

“My college roommate was getting married in New Orleans. My wife was in New Orleans for a separate wedding. Both wedding parties were staying at the same hotel, so we met, for the first time, in the hotel lobby. I’m wearing a necklace that has the coordinates of that hotel. Then the next day, I and my brother walked into a bar in New Orleans, and she and her friends were sitting in the corner, and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s the girl from the lobby.’ She was dating somebody at the time. But we kind of exchanged numbers and stayed in contact, and about two months later, a month later, she came into town for CMA Music Fest and told me that she no longer had a boyfriend, and here we are.”

Davis married in March 2017 to his spouse. Since then, the couple has welcomed three children together: a male named Locklan in 2021, a daughter named Elijah in 2023, and a daughter named Eloise in 2019. Despite being on his “Damn Good Time World Tour” right now, Davis talked about the unplanned Valentine’s Day custom he and his wife have had for many years.

“When it comes to Valentine, Kristen is way more romantic than I am. I’m not a very romantic guy. I have worked on it,” Davis admitted ahead of Valentine’s Day on Wednesday (February 14). “I’ve tried to get a little bit better over the years. Kristen loves chocolate so she’s good for a big chocolate box, but here’s our thing about Valentine’s Day, and this is God’s truth. We’ve been going to Olive Garden on Valentine’s Day since we met. We’ve continued that tradition. I think it started with her and a friend, they used to always go to Olive Garden on Valentine’s Day before they started dating, or before they got into a relationship. So, we have carried that out, so this year will be our, I believe eighth Valentine in a row where we go in for endless salad and bread sticks. So, if it’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re at an Olive Garden, we could be next to each other. So, yeah, hope to see somebody out there at the table next to us just hammering on some breadsticks,” he said with a laugh.”So, happy Valentine’s.”

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