All You Need To Know About Rodrigo De Paul And His Wife


Argentina faces a formidable challenge this summer as the reigning Copa America champions attempt to retain their title. Although Lionel Messi is expected to be their key player, Lionel Scaloni will be hoping his best players do better during the tournament. Rodrigo De Paul, a midfield player, is one name that needs to establish his worth in the squad.

The midfielder, who was born in Sarandi, struggled this season at Atletico Madrid and was unable to duplicate his 2022 form. In 48 games across all competitions, the midfielder made 48 appearances for the Rojiblancos, but he only contributed 10 goals. His life off the field may have suffered, even though his performance on the field wasn’t particularly lacking.

A year after they began dating, Rodrigo De Paul, a midfielder, revealed his breakup with Argentine singer Tini Stoessel, just when it seemed like everything was going well for him. In 2022, De Paul and Stoessel were first observed together. The midfield player was coming off a 12-year romance with Argentine model Camila Homs when the duo made headlines.

Homs and the Albiceleste actress began dating in 2010, and the two went on to have two children together, Francesca and Bautista. Homs sued De Paul for unpaid child support after they broke up, thereby jeopardizing his spot on Argentina’s World Cup team. The player, however, was supported by the Argentine Football Association, and he returned the favour by assisting the squad in winning the World Cup in Qatar.

Rodrigo De Paul possesses a fascinating pedigree. The athlete holds dual citizenship because his mother, Monica Ferrarotti, is Italian, and his father, Carlos Mac Allister, is of Irish and Scottish ancestry. Information regarding the player’s family is scarce. De Paul’s mother was the one who got him started in soccer when he was just three years old, enrolling him in Sarandí Sports Club. Damian, the midfielder’s elder brother, was a youth player for the same team.

Since they were young, Rodrigo De Paul and his mother have had a close relationship. According to the athlete, his mother has supported him throughout his entire professional career. De Paul’s mother assisted the Argentine model in raising the children after their breakup when the midfield player was playing for Atletico Madrid in Spain.

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