Maricopa County election worker arrested in theft of security keys as primary nears


A Maricopa County election worker got arrested on Friday for allegedly taking keys and a security fob that can access the county’s ballot machines.

Ringfield Jr., a 27-year-old from Phoenix, faces charges of theft and criminal damage after taking the fob and keys while at the Tabulation and Election Center. He’s currently in custody, pending a court order for release, as per court documents.

During the arrest, Ringfield admitted taking the fob briefly the day before and then returning it. However, detectives found the fob in his home with a search warrant. His reason for taking it remains unclear, though he hinted it might have been a mistake, mentioning he wanted to secure a permanent job.

Ringfield’s father, Walter Ringfield Sr., expressed support for his son, highlighting that he recently graduated in political science from Arizona State University.

Ringfield had started as a temporary election worker on June 3. Although he had a prior theft charge in July 2023, he completed a diversion program without conviction. Maricopa County verified his background before hiring him, finding no prior convictions.

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