Chicago Woman Missing Since Last Seen at Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas


According to authorities, a Chicago woman who hasn’t been seen since last week has vanished in the Bahamas. The Royal Bahamas Police Force is looking for Taylor Casey, 41, according to a Facebook post the agency made on Friday. According to authorities, Casey was last seen on June 19 in the vicinity of Paradise Island near Nassau, Bahamas. What she could be wearing is unknown, nor is it known whether she’s in danger. Channel contacted the Royal Bahamas Police Force on Monday, but they haven’t replied.

What brought Taylor Casey to the Bahamas?

Regarding the “Finding Taylor Casey” Facebook page, Casey has been attending a yoga certification retreat in the Bahamas.

“I’m still in disbelief and can’t believe I’m writing this post. On Monday, a Facebook group member named Anna DeShawn said, “Taylor is such a sweet person who cares so deeply about the community.”

According to DeShawn, the yoga retreat facility on Paradise Island discovered Casey was absent from class on June 19 and informed her family the next day.

The Facebook group posted on Monday afternoon that Casey’s family is getting ready to go to the Bahamas.

The social media statement said, “We send our love, prayer, and energy to Taylor’s family as they begin their travels to the Bahamas.” We are stronger and more determined to locate our dear Taylor together.

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