Boxer Roy Jones Jr. announces the suicide death of his son DeAndre


DeAndre Jones, the son of Roy Jones Jr., passed away. His age was thirty-two. Roy Jr. verified DeAndre’s suicide on Saturday, June 22, in a statement on Monday, June 24.

DeAndre Died by Suicide:

Roy Jones Jr. declared that his son DeAndre had committed suicide. “Unfortunately, my son DeAndre took his own life on Saturday,” Jones said on Instagram. “I’m grateful that God allowed me to return home on Friday night and spend the final night of his life with my family. Nothing justifies taking one’s own life, even if I am aware that many individuals are going through difficult situations at the moment. It belongs to God, who should also be the one to take it away.

In addition to expressing gratitude to his supporters for their love and support, the 55-year-old boxing great asked them to “please respect our privacy while my family and I process this loss.”

Jones previously won the titles of heavyweight, light heavyweight, super middleweight, and middleweight. Last year, he was defeated by Anthony Pettis by a majority decision. As of right now, his record is 66-10.

After her son Ian Alexander, then 26 years old, committed himself in January 2022, actress and director Regina King shared insightful remarks worth listening to as Jones and his family embark on the never-ending process of coming to terms with DeAndre’s passing. King claimed to be a “different person” after he died in a March interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. “I understand that grief is love that has no place to go,” she said. Since Ian is constantly with me, it is crucial to me to speak about him now and to honor him in all of his glory. The delight and contentment he bestowed to us all.”

It took Regina King, 53, “time to just sit with” her son’s choice before she could finally “respect and understand that [Ian Alexander] didn’t want to be here anymore,” but she’s now at that point. “And that’s hard for other people to receive because they did not live our experience, did not live Ian’s journey,” she explained. “My anger at God was immense. What justifies Ian being assigned that much weight?”

Even with her outwardly optimistic demeanor, King acknowledges that she still goes through “a lot of grief” and questions what she might have done differently as a parent to have perhaps saved her son’s life. “I know that I share this grief with everyone, but no one else is Ian’s Mom,” she stated. “The sadness will never go away and always be with me.”

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