Who Is Kevin Von Erich’s Wife; Find Out Everything About Them


Celebrated American professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich has been in the news lately for both his personal and professional accomplishments outside of the ring. In the biographical film The Iron Claw on A24, Zac Efron plays real-life wrestler Kevin Von Erich, telling the tragic narrative of the renowned Von Erich wrestling family.

The Iron Claw, which got a significant recommendation from Kevin Von Erich himself, chronicles the heartbreaking tragedies of the Von Erich family in great detail, but before the credits roll, viewers are given a glimpse of hope by Kevin Von Erich’s ongoing life story.

Kevin Von Erich’s Professional Life

Kevin was born in Belleville, Illinois, on May 15, 1957. He began his professional wrestling career in 1976, mainly competing under his father’s advancement World Class Championship Wrestling. Kevin quickly gained recognition for his exceptional athleticism and rose to fame in the promotion.

His unique style of wrestling he chose to wrestle barefoot set him apart. His unusual decision started when, just before a match, his wrestling boots mysteriously disappeared. Kevin accepted the challenge and made it his defining characteristic rather than letting it stop him.

Kevin Von Erich’s Wife Pam Adkisson

Belleville, Illinois native Pam Adkisson is the loving and sustaining spouse of Kevin Von Erich, the last living member of the illustrious Von Erich wrestling family. Their continued marriage of more than 40 years is evidence of Pam’s unwavering support during Kevin’s career and life’s victories and setbacks. As the loving mother of their four children, Pam plays a vital role in their family.

Two of their children are following in their father’s footsteps and becoming professional wrestlers. When Pam met Kevin in 1980, she experienced a profound shift in her life. At the time, Kevin was rising to fame in the World Class Championship Wrestling business, founded by his father, Fritz Von Erich.

Kevin Von Erich’s Personal Life

Kevin’s personal life is just as fascinating as his wrestling career, despite the latter clearly shining. He and Pam Adkisson exchanged vows on August 1, 1980. At the moment, they reside in Hawaii and manage a family-run business that includes commercial real estate and Southwest Sports, the World Class Championship Wrestling distributor.

Kevin and Pam, who are blessed with 4 children and eleven grandchildren, have raised a lovely family together. Though stories about them in wrestling seem to indicate differently, they are happy parents to two children, Kristen and Jillian. Ross and Marshall, their sons, are seeking careers in professional wrestling, having embraced the family history. The Von Erich family seems to have a strong passion for the game.

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