Two men are recovering after being shot from an apartment window in Seattle, Man Arrested


SEATTLE – Two men are recovering after being shot from an apartment window early Sunday morning in Seattle. At 12:29 a.m., a Seattle police officer found the victims, aged 37 and 28, near 8th Avenue South and South King Street. The officer moved them to a safer location and called for additional resources. The Seattle Fire Department treated the men and transported them to Harborview Medical Center, where they are in stable condition. Preliminary investigations revealed that the shots were fired from a second-story apartment window nearby. Property manager Herbert Lui expressed his dismay over the incident, stating, “I really don’t want this to happen. It made me sad when I heard these things are happening. When people open fire and shoot a lot of people, it doesn’t feel good at all and this is really bad for the community.” Lui added that this kind of violence is unprecedented in the apartment building and that he has never had issues with the residents. Police apprehended the 24-year-old suspect, who was hiding inside a residence, and arrested him. He will be booked into King County Jail on two counts of first-degree assault. Paul, a local restaurant owner, expressed concern about the potential impact on his business, saying, “When people hear about it they’re not going to want to come to Chinatown anymore because of shootings. You can see right now that there’s not a lot of people walking around anymore, not like before.” Authorities found a firearm near the window overlooking a parking lot, where the victims were shot. A search warrant was served, and the weapon believed to be used was seized, along with additional weapons collected as evidence. Local residents voiced their concerns about safety in the area. Patrick Kong, who lives nearby, stated, “I think in the daytime it’s pretty okay because there’s a lot of police patrolling and a lot of people walking around, so it’s safer in the daytime. But at night, I wouldn’t dare to walk outside when the sun goes down.” Seattle police indicated that additional charges might follow as the assigned detective completes their investigation.

Two men are recovering after being shot from an apartment window in Seattle, Man Arrested
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